Teaching Students About Forrest Wheeler


Forrest Wheeler is a young American actor who started his acting career at a tender age and quickly rose to popularity with his role as Emery Huang in the critically acclaimed television series “Fresh Off the Boat.” Exploring and teaching students about the life and achievements of Forrest Wheeler can be an inspiring lesson, offering valuable insights into hard work, determination, and overcoming stereotypes in the entertainment industry.

Early Life:

Born on July 21, 2004, Forrest Wheeler is a native of Santa Monica, California. As a child, he showed immense interest in performing arts and began his journey into the world of acting with a desire to break barriers. Dive into his early life by discussing how he started attending acting classes at a young age and incorporating inspiring anecdotes about his dedication to training, honing his craft, and balancing education with his budding career.

Career Milestones:

Wheeler catapulted to fame when he landed the role of Emery Huang on “Fresh Off the Boat.” The television series premiered on February 4th, 2015 on ABC and ran for six successful seasons until February 2020. It was based on Eddie Huang’s memoir featuring an Asian-American family navigating life in Orlando, Florida during the mid-90s. Highlighting this significant part of Wheeler’s career allows students to see his rise to prominence while also recognizing the importance of representation within media.

Besides “Fresh Off The Boat,” Wheeler has made appearances in other TV shows like “New Girl,” “Community,” and “Chasing Life.” He also showcased his voice acting skills in commercials and animated series like “Pound Puppies.” Discussing these various acting experiences shows students that being versatile in various art forms can benefit one’s career trajectory.

Personal Life and Achievements:

While teaching students about Forrest Wheeler’s personal life and achievements, educators should emphasize on the various challenges he faced due to racial stereotypes attached to Asian-American actors in Hollywood. Also, highlight his passion for martial arts and his black belt in karate, which is a testament to his dedication to pursuing multiple interests.

Forrest Wheeler’s philanthropic work serves as another lesson for students. His involvement with non-profit organizations like “A Place Called Home,” proves the importance of giving back to the community and using one’s platform to help others.


Teaching students about Forrest Wheeler offers inspiration in chasing dreams and breaking barriers, regardless of one’s background. He is a living example of how hard work, versatility, and determination can lead to success in life and career. Furthermore, his story emphasizes the importance of representation in the media, using talent for the greater good, and never shying away from overcoming challenges faced along the way.

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