Teaching Students About Freya, the Norse Goddess

As mythology enthusiasts, it is important to not only learn about the gods and goddesses of one culture, but to explore and study those of other cultures as well. One such goddess is Freya, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and war.

Teaching students about Freya can provide a unique and interesting insight into Norse mythology. Here are some key points to consider when teaching students about Freya:

1. Origins and Relations:

Before teaching about Freya, it is important to give students an introduction to Norse mythology and its pantheon of gods and goddesses. Discuss the origins of the Norse gods, including where they came from, and how they are related to one another. Freya is the daughter of the god, Njord, and sister to the god Frey. She is also the wife of the god, Odr, and mother to the goddess, Hnoss.

2. Symbolism and Iconography:

Freya is often depicted as a beautiful goddess with long, golden hair. She is associated with fertility, love, and beauty, and is often depicted with symbols such as cats, falcons, and jewelry. Discuss the significance of these symbols and explain how they are associated with Freya’s mythology.

3. Mythological Stories:

One interesting way to teach students about Freya is through retelling some of her most famous mythological stories. For example, the story of how she won the necklace Brisingamen from the dwarves, or how she searched for her lost husband, Odr, are both engaging stories that can pique student interest in Norse mythology.

4. Pop Culture Connections:

Another way to engage students with the topic is to discuss how Freya and Norse mythology have been incorporated into modern pop culture. This includes bringing up how characters in Marvel’s Thor and Avengers series are connected to Norse mythology – with Thor’s adoptive mother being Frigga, who is often considered to be another name for Freya.

Overall, it is important for students to explore and learn about different cultural mythologies, and Freya provides a unique and interesting look into Norse mythology. Teaching students about the origins, relations, symbolism, and iconography, mythological stories, and modern pop culture references associated with Freya can help them gain a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of Norse mythology as a whole.

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