Teaching Students About Frogmore Cottage


Frogmore Cottage is a historical residence located within the grounds of the Home Park, Windsor, England. It was originally constructed in the early 1800s and has a rich history. As educators, we have a responsibility to teach our students about significant landmarks that hold both historical and cultural value. Frogmore Cottage is no exception, as it provides an engaging study of history, architecture, and even the British Royal Family.


When teaching students about Frogmore Cottage, it’s crucial to delve into its history. Built from 1790-1801 under the guidance of architect James Wyatt, the cottage was commissioned by Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Since then, it has served as a residence for several members of the Royal Family and underwent multiple renovations.


Frogmore Cottage flaunts an attractive architectural style that will intrigue students studying art and design. The building showcases a blend of neo-Gothic and classical elements representing the Georgian era’s popular architectural trends. The stucco facade features ornamental moldings, decorative cornices, and castellated turrets – which educators can discuss to enrich their students’ understanding of different architectural periods.

Royal Connections

Educators can utilize Frogmore Cottage’s connections to the British Royal Family as a focal point when teaching British history or government classes. Over the years, many notable figures have resided in the cottage such as Queen Victoria’s mother; Duke & Duchess of Kent; Duke & Duchess of Gloucester in 1925; King George VI; Duke & Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle).

The surrounding estate also bears significant importance for royal family members as the resting place of several important historical figures. Students may learn about Frogmore House – situated nearby on the same estate – which has been used for official entertaining since Queen Victoria’s reign.

Frogmore Gardens

The 33 acres of private gardens surrounding Frogmore Cottage provide an opportunity for educators to teach students about botany, landscaping, and ecology. The gardens mainly feature a picturesque landscape with serene waters, gentle slopes, and towering old trees. These aesthetically pleasing natural settings create a perfect environment to study floral diversity.


Incorporating Frogmore Cottage into your curriculum presents a comprehensive learning opportunity for students. By studying the cottage’s history, architecture, connection to the British Royal Family, and surrounding gardens, students will gain a well-rounded appreciation for an important landmark in British heritage. As modern-day stewards of history and culture, let’s encourage our students to explore and appreciate historical gems like Frogmore Cottage.

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