Teaching Students About Isis King


The remarkable story of Isis King, a transgender model and activist, demonstrates the power of self-discovery, determination, and resilience. Schools must adopt lessons on diverse figures like King to educate students about transgender individuals and their impactful strides within society. Classrooms discussing Isis King can encourage open-mindedness and foster respect while learning about her transformative journey.

Early Life Struggles

Isis King was born in Maryland on October 1, 1985. Growing up as a child who identified with a gender different from the assigned sex proved to be a major challenge for her. By addressing her struggles with acceptance and understanding the importance of self-identity, educators can teach students about the hurdles that many transgender people face in their lives, urging students to empathize with these experiences.

Breaking Stereotypes in Modeling Industry

King’s career breakthrough came when she was selected as the first transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2008. Isis challenged conventional modeling industry norms and inspired future transgender models by participating in this competition. Discussing King’s career-defining moments educates students about the persistence necessary to break through societal barriers and stereotypes.

Activism and Advocacy

Isis King has also used her platform as an actress, fashion designer, and public speaker to advocate for transgender individuals’ rights. Educators should share King’s projects such as her motivational speeches at the Human Rights Campaign events or her role in Netflix series “When They See Us”, highlighting her dedication to promoting equality both on-screen and off-screen.

Encouraging Conversations

Teaching students about the life and work of Isis King can spark productive classroom conversations surrounding respect for diversity, the need for allyship, and embracing individuality. Organize panel discussions or allow students to share their thoughts about transgender issues so that they actively engage in meaningful dialogue.


By incorporating lessons on Isis King into the curriculum, schools can empower students with knowledge about transgender issues and promote a more inclusive learning environment. As educators strive to create an atmosphere that supports understanding and acceptance, students will be better equipped to engage in constructive conversations about diverse experiences and contribute positively to the world.

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