Teaching Students About Jericho in the Bible

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Jericho is one of the most interesting and historically significant places mentioned in the Bible. Located near the Jordan River in the West Bank of Palestine, Jericho is believed to have been inhabited since 8000 BCE.

Teaching students about Jericho is an effective way to engage them in biblical history, as well as important cultural and religious topics. Here are some key points to consider when teaching about Jericho:

1. Discuss the significance of Jericho in the Bible: Jericho is mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible, including in the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament, Jericho is referenced as the first city conquered by the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership. In the New Testament, Jericho is the site of Jesus’ healing of the blind man.

2. Explore the archaeological discoveries: Since its discovery, archaeologists have conducted excavations in Jericho and have unearthed many important artifacts and structures. These findings have greatly contributed to our understanding of the historical significance of Jericho, as well as how the city was structured and lived in.

3. Discuss the cultural and religious significance of Jericho: Jericho has been a site of religious significance for many cultures and religions throughout history. In addition to its biblical importance, Jericho has also been a place of importance for Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike.

4. Connect Jericho to current events: Discuss the current situation in Jericho, including its geopolitical status and its ongoing conflict with Israel. This will help students to understand how historical events can have ongoing impacts on people’s lives.

5. Encourage critical thinking and analysis: As with any historical topic, it is important to encourage students to think critically about the information they are learning. This may include considering different perspectives or interpretations of events, or comparing and contrasting different sources of information.

Overall, teaching students about Jericho in the Bible is a great way to engage them in biblical history and important cultural topics. By exploring the significance of Jericho and its ongoing impact on current events, students can develop a deeper appreciation for the historical and cultural complexities of the region.

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