Teaching Students About Joanna


In today’s ever-evolving world, it is essential for educators to introduce their students to a multitude of influential figures to broaden their knowledge and inspire conversations. When discussing female empowerment, one individual who should not be overlooked is Joanna. This article aims to provide tips and insights on teaching students about Joanna’s life, her accomplishments, and the impact she had on society.


Before delving into the teaching methods, it’s essential to provide some context on Joanna and her life story. Born in the 14th century, Joanna ruled as a queen in her kingdom and led during a time of great political turmoil. She navigated through various power struggles and wars while facing immense pressure from her adversaries. Despite these challenges, Joanna proved herself as a competent and strategic leader who made a lasting impact on her kingdom.

Teaching Strategies:

1. Introduce the historical context: Begin by offering an overview of the period in which Joanna lived — including significant events, social norms, and cultural traditions. This background will help students better understand the various challenges she faced and how her actions were indeed revolutionary for that era.

2. Discuss gender roles: Address the societal expectations placed upon women during this time and explore how Joanna managed to defy these stereotypes by ascending to power and making extraordinary decisions.

3. Analyze critical moments: Delve into key instances of conflict or pivotal decisions that Joanna made throughout her reign and discuss how they impacted her reign’s trajectory.

4. Encourage debates: Foster discussions about the controversies surrounding Joanna’s rule; debate whether her actions were justified while considering various viewpoints.

5. Utilize multimedia resources: Make use of documentaries, podcasts, or even historical fiction novels to supplement your lessons and make learning more engaging for your students.

6. Draw parallels: Connect the struggles faced by Joanna with those experienced by contemporary female leaders helping students comprehend how issues related to gender and power dynamics remain relevant today.

7. Assign projects: Have students create timelines, essays, or presentations to strengthen their understanding of Joanna’s life and reign while encouraging creativity and critical thinking.


Teaching about Joanna not only sheds light on her historical impact but also serves as an opportunity to inspire students to question societal norms and pursue their paths even against all odds. By introducing them to such powerful figures from history, educators help foster an environment of learning that is both engaging and enlightening.

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