Teaching Students About John Davidson


Introducing students to the life and achievements of John Davidson is an excellent way to inspire creativity and a passion for artistic expression. Davidson, a versatile and accomplished performer, has a career spanning over five decades in the entertainment industry. This article will explore various ways to engage students and encourage discussions about John Davidson’s journey that will truly awaken a deeper appreciation for his accomplishments.

Begin with Background Information

Start by providing students with an overview of John Davidson’s life – from his humble beginnings in Pittsburgh to his rise as an acclaimed entertainer. Discuss his early years, where he discovered his love for music and theater, leading him to study drama at Denison University. Mention the many different roles he’s played in various fields such as stage acting, singing, television hosting, and game show emceeing, exemplifying his extraordinary range.

In-Class Activities Related to John Davidson

1. Show clips from John Davidson’s career: To give students a better understanding of the breadth and depth of Davidson’s work, compile videos that showcase different aspects of his career. Include scenes from Broadway shows, television appearances, live performances, talk show hosting moments, and game show episodes.

2. Discuss entrepreneurship in the arts: Cover how Davidson managed both success and struggles throughout his career. Encourage discussions on financial planning, networking, public speaking skills, self-promotion strategies, and resilience in the face of setbacks – all essential components for building a sustainable career in the arts.

3. Hold group discussions or debates: Divide students into groups or assign them individual tasks related to topics inspired by John Davidson’s life. Some examples include “The importance of versatility in an artist,” “Keeping up with changes in the entertainment industry,” or “How technology has affected modern-day performers.”

4. Assign a creative project: Have students express their feelings or reactions to learning about John Davidson’s career through various art forms. Encourage this self-expression through songwriting, scriptwriting, painting, poetry, or any medium they prefer. You can also organize a showcase event where students present their completed works to their peers.


Teaching students about John Davidson is a wonderful way to inspire their creativity and facilitate discussions on the challenges faced by creative professionals in the entertainment industry. By learning more about this multi-talented artist, students will undoubtedly gain insights and perspectives on how to approach their artistic interests and future careers with resilience and determination.

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