Teaching Students About Landforms in France

As a country with diverse geography, France offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn about various landforms. Teachers can use different teaching strategies to help students understand the formation and importance of different landforms found in France. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to teach students about landforms in France.

1. Use Videos and Pictures

One strategy is to use videos and pictures to help students understand what a landform is. Through visual aids, students develop an understanding of the physical characteristics of landforms such as mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and coastlines and how they impact human activities. Teachers can source videos and pictures from credible sources such as the National Geographics, Discovery Channel, and even images from their previous trips to France.

2. Use Maps

Teachers can use maps to teach students about different landforms that exist in France. The maps contain crucial information such as the names of mountains, rivers, and lakes. Moreover, lessons can be structured to show the different elevations of landforms, with higher elevations represented by darker shades of color. Students can also learn to read the features of topographic maps and how to identify significant landforms on maps.

3. Organize Field Trips

Field trips can provide an excellent opportunity for students to see landforms and their features first-hand. This strategy is suitable for middle and high school students who are at an ideal age to appreciate geology. Teachers can arrange visits to mountains such as Mont Blanc, rivers like the Seine and Loire, waterfalls like Cascades du Hérisson, coastlines like Île de Ré, and beaches such as Normandy Beach. Through these excursions, students can learn the formation of landforms and their impact on human activities, such as tourism.

4. Engage Students in Projects

Projects can provide a more hands-on way for students to learn about landforms. For example, teachers can allow students to create dioramas or 3D models of mountains, valleys, and coastlines. This project provides a more comprehensive way to learn about landforms while honing students’ creative skills. Further, teachers can assign students research projects on particular landforms like the French Alps, which expose students to practical research skills.


In conclusion, teaching students about landforms in France is essential, as it helps them understand the diverse landscape of the country. Through videos, pictures, field trips, and projects, students develop an appreciation for the physical, social, and cultural importance of landforms. Thus, equipping them to understand the significance of preserving and taking good care of the environment.

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