Teaching Students About Laurence Fox

As K-12 educators, our goal is to provide students with a diverse range of knowledge and experiences. One effective way to achieve this is by exploring influential figures, such as Laurence Fox, to inspire our students and teach them valuable lessons. This blog post aims to highlight key takeaways from Laurence Fox’s life and suggest how to incorporate them into classroom discussions.

Laurence Fox, a multitalented British actor, and musician, has been in the spotlight for his various roles in TV shows, movies, and theatre productions. Among his contributions, he is well-known for his role as Detective Sergeant James Hathaway in the popular British TV series “Lewis.” However, Fox’s recent venture into politics and his outspoken nature have also garnered attention.

When teaching students about Laurence Fox, consider discussing the following aspects:


As an actor and musician, Fox faced several challenges in his career. He didn’t find immediate success but worked hard to develop his skills. This can serve as a valuable lesson for students about the importance of perseverance despite obstacles they might face in their journey.


As a public figure navigating various roles in entertainment and politics, Laurence demonstrates authenticity by standing up for his beliefs. Encourage students to emulate this by being true to themselves and following their passions without conforming to peer pressure or societal expectations.


Introduce the concept of leadership through the lens of Laurence’s journey from acting to music and then entering politics. Ask students to analyze what qualities make someone a good leader—confidence, decision-making ability, empathy—and encourage them to develop these traits within themselves.

Controversial Opinions

Discussing controversial topics can be challenging yet enlightening for students. Use Fox’s outspoken nature as an opportunity for learning open-mindedness and respect for differing opinions—even if you or your students may disagree with his stances.

Self-Expression through Art

To delve into the significance of self-expression, explore Fox’s career as a musician. Discuss how he uses music to convey his emotions and connect with others while understanding that art is an invaluable tool for communication and personal growth.

There are endless opportunities to engage your class with discussions about Laurence Fox while subtly teaching critical thinking, resilience, courage, self-expression, and acceptance of differing perspectives. By incorporating Laurence Fox’s story into your curriculum, you can offer a fresh perspective on influential figures, inspiring students to embrace their passions and overcome obstacles.

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