Teaching Students About Marco Polo

Marco Polo was one of the most famous European explorers who traveled through Asia in the 13th century. His journey lasted for 24 years and he traveled through countries like China, Mongolia, Persia, and India. His travelogue The Travels of Marco Polo remains a valuable source of information about medieval and ancient Asia.

As a teacher, it is crucial to impart this knowledge to your students and educate them about the incredible journey of Marco Polo. Here is a guide that can help you teach your students about Marco Polo:

1. Introduce Marco Polo: Begin by providing basic background information about Marco Polo, his life, travels, and discoveries. Use visual aids such as maps, pictures, and videos to aid in your introduction. You can also incorporate his travels into geography, history, and literature lessons.

2. Discuss The Silk Road: The Silk Road was the primary trade route that Marco Polo used during his travels. Emphasize its significance in world history and how it helped shape the economic and cultural landscape of the time. You can also teach your students about the commodities that were traded during the Silk Road era.

3. Talk About Marco Polo’s Travels to Asia: Divulge his journey to Asia and connect it with the modern-day geography of the countries he traveled to. Provide your students with a detailed understanding of the various cultures, customs, and foreign lands he encountered. Focus on his interactions with the local people, their languages, and social customs.

4. Emphasize Marco Polo’s Accomplishments: Discuss the significance of Marco Polo’s accomplishments, including his impact on the world’s history and European knowledge of Asia, as well as his contribution to modern travel. Use his journey as a critical model for future explorations.

5. Research Activities: Encourage your students to conduct research on Marco Polo’s accomplishments, his travelogue, and the cultural landscape of medieval Asia. It will enable them to develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the topic.


Marco Polo remains a renowned explorer who traveled through Asia in the medieval era. His travelogue remains an important source of knowledge about ancient and medieval Asia. As a teacher, it is essential to impart this knowledge to your students. Use visual aids, connect the present with the past, carry out research activities, and emphasize Marco Polo’s accomplishments to make the learning experience fun and engaging.

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