Teaching Students About Michael Knowles


Michael Knowles is an influential conservative political commentator, podcaster, and author who has left a significant impact on both cultural and political conversations. Introducing students to his life story, political views, and accomplishments can serve as an inspiration to strive for success and engage in well-informed civic dialogues.

In this article, we provide a compelling guide on how to teach students about Michael Knowles and why it’s important to promote thoughtful discourse about political ideologies.

1. Background Information

Start by providing students with background information on Michael Knowles. Explain his early life, such as his education at Yale University, where he studied history and political science. Discuss Knowles’s initial career in theater and acting, which ultimately led him to participate in various political debates.

2. Introduction to Political Commentating

Highlight how Michael Knowles rose to prominence by joining The Daily Wire, where he currently hosts “The Michael Knowles Show.” Explain the format of the show, how it discusses current events and political topics from a conservative viewpoint, and its impact on diverse audiences.

3. Notable Accomplishments

Present some of Michael Knowles’s notable accomplishments, such as writing the satirical book “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide,” which became a best-seller. This can be used as an opportunity to discuss the role of satire in political discourse.

4. Analyzing Political Views 

Encourage students to analyze Michael Knowles’s political views by playing clips from relevant interviews and debates. Discuss topics such as limited government intervention, free-market capitalism, and traditional values – all core tenets of conservative ideology.

5. Encouraging Thoughtful Debate

To ensure a balanced approach, allow students to engage in open discussions about their thoughts on Michael’s viewpoints. This could involve setting up debates between students who agree with Knowles’s views and those who disagree. Encourage students to research and articulate their positions, promoting a healthy environment for debate and discussion.

6. Relevant Controversies

As a political commentator, Michael Knowles has occasionally been involved in controversies due to his strong opinions. Discuss these, emphasizing the importance of understanding multiple viewpoints and maintaining respectful discourse when disagreements arise.


Teaching students about Michael Knowles provides an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations on conservative values, political ideologies, and the role of commentators in shaping public opinion. By understanding different perspectives and encouraging thoughtful debate, students can become well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to civil dialogue.

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