Teaching Students About Parenthesis

Parentheses are an important part of writing. They help clarify what is being said and can help to organize a sentence. There are a few things that students should know about parentheses before beginning to write.

First,  students should know that parentheses are used for a variety of different reasons. They can be used to introduce a new thought, clarify what was said before, emphasize a word, or indicate a change in the speaker’s tone.

Second, students should be aware of the different types of parentheses. There are single parentheses, double parentheses, and square brackets. Single parentheses are used for a single sentence, while double parentheses are used for two sentences. Square brackets are used for groups of words, and they are also used to indicate a change in the tense.

Finally, students should be aware of when to use parentheses. They should use them solely for the purposes for which they were intended. If a student needs to use parentheses in a different way, they should consult a grammar guide.

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