Teaching Students About Prince Louis: An Engaging Lesson Plan


Teaching students about the British royal family can be a captivating and educational experience. Trusting the learners with essential knowledge on royalty introduces them to aspects of history, culture, and tradition, which in turn broadens their perspectives. Among the modern generation royals, Prince Louis holds a special place as the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton. By understanding Prince Louis’ role in the royal family and his significance for future generations, students will be encouraged to explore the British monarchy further.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. To introduce students to the British Royal Family through studying Prince Louis.
  2. To help students gain a broader understanding of the historical and cultural significance of royalty.
  3. To teach the concepts of succession, tradition, and public roles within the British monarchy.

Materials Needed:

– A map of the United Kingdom

– Photos of Prince Louis and his family

– Timeline of significant events in Prince Louis’ life

– Video documentaries featuring Prince Louis or his family

Lesson Procedure:

Step 1: Introduce Prince Louis

Begin by showing pictures of Prince Louis and his family members – including his parents, siblings, and grandparents. Share brief biographical information about him, such as his birth date (April 23, 2018), full name (Louis Arthur Charles), and place in line to the throne (fifth).

Step 2: Importance of Family Ties

Discuss how being part of the royal family affects Prince Louis’ life. Explain how members of his immediate family hold vital positions within UK society. For example, mention how his father is second in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II.

Step 3: Connection with History

Use a map to introduce students to important historical landmarks associated with British royalty – such as Buckingham Palace where Prince Louis will likely live someday or Windsor Castle where he was baptized. Encourage further study about these places and their role within the British monarchy. 

Step 4: Highlight Significant Events and Traditions

Create a timeline of Prince Louis’ life, pointing out key moments such as his christening or Trooping the Colour ceremonies. Discuss traditional aspects of each event, like the gown worn during the christening, which is a replica of the one crafted for Queen Victoria’s children.

Step 5: Royal Responsibilities

Discuss how Prince Louis will have public duties as he grows up, including attending events and supporting charities. Show highlights from video documentaries featuring other British royal family members demonstrating their roles and responsibilities.

Step 6: Class Activity – Design Your Royal Family Crest

Encourage students to tap into their creativity by designing their own royal family crest, considering symbolism, colors, and the traditions of their country of origin.


By teaching students about Prince Louis and the British royal family, they can appreciate history, traditions, and cultural aspects that continue to evolve throughout generations. Engaging lessons can inspire curiosity about other families that hold significant roles in societies around the world.

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