Teaching Students About Subtraction: Engaging Activities for Subtracting 6

Subtraction is an essential math skill that students need to learn to become successful in their academic and life careers. In particular, learning aspects of subtracting 6 is essential for students to succeed, which forms the foundation of more complex math functions. To make the learning process fun and engaging, teachers need to use creative and innovative methods to teach this skill. Here are some activities that teachers can use to teach students about subtracting 6.

1. Subtraction War

Subtraction War is a fun game that allows students to practice subtraction in an exciting and competitive manner. In this game, students work in pairs, and each student gets a deck of cards. Students flip over the top card of their deck and subtracts six from the number on the card. The student with the highest answer collects both cards. Play continues until one student has all the cards.

2. Number Line Subtraction

Number line subtraction is an efficient and visual way for students to understand the subtracting 6 concept. On a large-scale number line, students can see the sequence of numbers and how they relate to each other. Teachers can use this activity by asking students to stand on their feet and step forward and backward six steps at a time. This activity gives students a physical representation of the subtraction process.

3. Subtraction Fuelled Song

Music is an excellent tool for engaging students and making lessons more enjoyable. Teachers can create a subtraction-fueled song that students can sing along to as they subtract six from a sequence of numbers. This song can be used to create a positive attitude towards math and make the learning process more enjoyable.

4. Subtraction Race

Subtraction race is another competitive and exciting game that helps students practice subtraction. In this game, students work in pairs and have a game board with a sequence of numbers revolving around subtracting six. Players move their game pieces along the board when they correctly solve the subtraction problem. The first student to move their piece to the end of the board wins.

5. Subtraction Board Game

Creating a subtraction board game is another fun activity that teachers can use to teach students about subtracting 6. This game involves a board with different subtraction problems revolving around six. Each student takes turns rolling a die and moving their game pieces on the board, answering the subtraction problem at each stop.


In conclusion, learning about subtracting 6 is an important aspect of math that students need to master. As a teacher, incorporating fun and engaging activities in the teaching process can help make this skill more accessible to students. Subtraction war, number line subtraction, subtraction-fueled song, subtraction race, and subtraction board games are examples of exciting activities that make the learning process stimulating and enjoyable. When done correctly, learning about subtracting 6 can be a fun and rewarding experience for students.

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