Teaching Students About the Apostles

As a teacher, it is important to educate your students about the foundational pillars of Christianity. The Apostles are one of these pillars that students must learn about in order to fully grasp the essence of the Christian faith. Here are a few ways that you can effectively teach your students about the Apostles.

1. Begin by explaining why the Apostles are important

Before diving into the specifics of the Apostles, it is essential to give your students an understanding of why they are important. Explain to them that the Apostles were the first missionaries of Jesus Christ. They were the ones who spread the message of Jesus to the rest of the world after his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Without the work of the Apostles, Christianity would not have spread as rapidly as it did.

2. Introduce each of the Apostles

Once your students understand why the Apostles are important, it is time to go through each of the apostles one by one. Begin with Peter, who was one of the first disciples of Jesus and the leader of the Apostles. Then move on to Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the Less, Simon the Zealot, Judas Thaddaeus, and finally Judas Iscariot.

3. Teach your students about the life and work of each Apostle

As you introduce each of the apostles to your students, it is essential to give them an overview of each of their lives and work. For example, you could tell the story of how Peter was a fisherman before he was called by Jesus to be a disciple. You could also discuss how John wrote several important books in the Bible, including the Gospel of John, three epistles, and Revelation.

4. Encourage your students to ask questions

Finally, encourage your students to ask questions about the Apostles as you are teaching them. This will help them engage with the material and gain a deeper understanding of the Apostles and their significance. You could even consider setting up a question and answer session where students can ask you questions about the Apostles.

In conclusion, teaching students about the Apostles is an essential part of fully understanding the Christian faith. By explaining why the Apostles are important, introducing each of the Apostles, teaching students about their life and work, and encouraging questions, you can aid your students in gaining a deeper appreciation for these important figures in Christianity.

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