Teaching Students About the Carolingian Empire

The Carolingian Empire, founded in the eighth century, is a vital part of European history. As a teacher, it is essential to take the time to teach students about its significance. Here are some tactics you can use to impart this valuable lesson.

Create a background lesson

Start your lesson by creating a foundational understanding of what the Carolingian Empire was. Discuss its origins and where its power came from. Talk about its rulers, including Charlemagne, who is one of the most important and well-known monarchs of the Carolingian Dynasty. Additionally, discuss the reasons for the fall of the empire.

Explore Architecture

One of the many things that set the Carolingian Empire apart was its emphasis on architecture. The creation of intricate buildings with thought-provoking designs was a significant part of the empire’s cultural heritage. Share images of historic Cathedrals and other structures built during this time period. Discuss the Roman-inspired architectural techniques they used in the buildings. Talk about how the buildings were decorated with intricate sculptures, and how much of the art is still available to view today.

Discuss the Spread of Christianity

One of the essential aspects of the Carolingian Empire was its promotion of Christianity, which helped to spread this religion across Europe. There is no shortage of fascinating topics to cover, like the creation of illuminated manuscripts which were used to teach Biblical truths or the establishment of monasteries used to spread the Christian faith.

Spread the Joy of Carolingian

Once you have provided the students with the necessary background information, encourage them to explore the Carolingian Empire through music. Ask them to sing some of the songs that were created during this period, such as Gregorian chants. Sharing the music of Carolingian could help the students tap into the culture of the time. It’s also a great way to introduce musical theory and chant a repertoire.

Assign research projects

Finally, consider giving your students a research project on a topic related to Carolingian. You could ask them to investigate the life of a significant personality like Charlemagne. Alternatively, you might have them research some of the famous architecture created during this period. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their research skills, which they will use throughout their academic careers.

In conclusion, teaching students about Carolingian Empire is an essential component of any World History curriculum. Provide a background lesson to establish understanding of the entire Encyclopedia. Then move on to exploring architecture, discussing the spread of Christianity, and engaging students through music. Finally, consider assigning a research project that allows students to delve deeper into the fascinating history of the Carolingian Empire.

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