Teaching Students About the Concept of Stone as a Weight

As a student, understanding the concept of weight can be a challenging task. One of the simplest ways to introduce students to weight is by teaching them about the concept of stone as a weight. In this article, we will discuss the significance of teaching students about stone as a weight.

What is Stone?

A stone is a traditional unit of weight used in the United Kingdom and Europe. It is equal to 14 pounds, making it a less commonly used unit of measurement in today’s times. The use of stone as a weight was popular mainly in the ancient times and, as a result, most people nowadays are not familiar with its use. However, schools and teachers can help simplify and breakdown the topic of weight by using the stone as a measurement unit.

The Significance of Teaching Stone as a Weight

Firstly, teaching students about stone as a weight is essential in helping them understand the concept of weight. It is a great way of introducing students to the use of measurement units and the need for standardizing units of measurements. By breaking down stone as a weight to students, teachers can use it as a building block to teach other weight units like pounds and kilograms.

Secondly, stone as a weight is a practical concept. Students can relate to the topic more easily when the teacher links it to real-life examples. For instance, when discussing weight in sports like boxing or wrestling, the use of stone as a weight becomes more relevant. In the past, the weight of competitors was measured in stones, providing an authentic example of the practical use of the stone as a measurement unit.

Thirdly, teaching students about stone as a weight helps bridge the generational gap. Older adults and grandparents, for example, may use stone as a weight measurement unit more commonly, and students can learn about this genuinely traditional method of measurement from them. In this way, students will gain insight into what units of measurements were used in the past and how these units have evolved over time.

Teaching Strategies

While teaching students about stone as a weight, incorporation of the following strategies can help the students grasp the concept more quickly:

1. Participative Teaching: Teachers may arrange for a practical session where students measure various items and objects using stones.

2. Integrating technology: Teachers may use technology tools such as videos and simulation exercises to help the students visualize the concept.

3. Visual Aids: Utilization of visual aids- charts, graphs, pictures, and diagrams- can help clarify the concept.


In conclusion, the concept of stone as a weight is relevant in today’s times because it helps students understand the concept of weight, which is a vital topic in many subject areas. By using stone as a weight, teachers can indent the importance of measuring systems, the significance of standardization in measurement, practical applications of weighing systems, and the evolution of measurement systems. Therefore, it is essential that students are taught about stone as a weight to help them gain a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of measurement units, which are the building blocks of mathematical concepts.

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