Teaching Students About the Difference Between Among and Between

Teaching students the difference between “among” and “between” can be a challenging task for any educator; however, it’s an essential lesson that students must learn. These two words have similar meanings, but they are used differently in the English language. Understanding their correct usage is crucial in writing and speaking to communicate effectively.

Among as a Preposition

“Among” is used to describe a situation where one is surrounded by several people or objects. It’s usually used when the subject is an integral part of a group.

Example: “She is popular among her peers.”

The word “among” signifies the presence of a group, indicating the subject is part of a whole. A student can understand that “among” is used when there are three or more things or people in a group.

Between as a Preposition

“Between,” on the other hand, is used when there are two distinct objects or people. It denotes a location or space that exists between any two things.

Example: “The book is between the keyboard and the monitor.”

“Between” is often used when referring to a location or space that exists between two things. In a classroom setting, a teacher can use two pencils, a computer, or any two distinct objects, to illustrate to learners when to use “between.”

Teaching Approach

To teach students the proper use of “among” and “between,” teachers can adopt various teaching methods. One way is through the use of visuals. For example, a visual illustration of a group and an illustration of two distinct objects can serve as a visual cue to learners.

In addition, educators can use storybooks, movies, or any other learning materials to help students understand the difference. This approach helps to create an emotional connection, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

Another strategy is to use games to help students practice and solidify their understanding of “among” and “between.” For instance, a teacher could use a board game that involves matching cards with pictures or descriptions using “among” and “between.”


Teaching students about the difference between “among” and “between” can be an exciting learning process. By using visuals, stories, games, and practical examples, teachers can make the topic come alive and help students understand the proper use of the two words. It’s essential to ensure students have a solid understanding of these two words as they provide the foundation for effective communication skills.

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