Teaching Students About the Easternmost Point in the US: Exploring Geography and Landmarks

As a geography teacher, it’s always important to educate your students about interesting and unique locations in the United States – and the easternmost point in the country is definitely one of them!

Located in Maine, the easternmost point in the United States is known as West Quoddy Head. It sits on the coast of Lubec, Maine, and is part of Quoddy Head State Park. The point is marked by a scenic lighthouse that has become a popular tourist destination.

Teaching your students about West Quoddy Head is a great opportunity to teach them not just about geography, but also about history and culture. Here are some ways to incorporate this topic into your classroom:

1. Show them pictures: Start by showing your students pictures and videos of the West Quoddy Head lighthouse and the surrounding area. This will give them a visual reference for the geography of the location.

2. Discuss the history: Talk to your students about the history of West Quoddy Head. The lighthouse was built in 1808 and has stood strong through the Civil War, World War II, and numerous natural disasters. Discuss the importance of lighthouses back in the day and how technology has changed the way they’re used today.

3. Plan a virtual field trip: Though it’s not always possible to take your students on a field trip to Maine, you can plan a virtual field trip instead. Have your students research the location and its history, and then create a virtual tour using Google Earth or another mapping tool.

4. Make it interactive: Turn the lesson into an interactive activity by having your students create their own lighthouse. This could be done using everyday materials from the classroom, or with design software on a computer.

5. Tie in local culture: As with any location on earth, West Quoddy Head and the surrounding area have their own unique culture. This is a great opportunity to discuss the local traditions and cuisine of Maine and how they developed over time.

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