Teaching Students About the Practice of Laying on of Hands

The laying on of hands is a spiritual practice that has been used for centuries in various religious traditions. It is a symbol of healing, blessing, and empowerment, and is often associated with the transmission of energy and wisdom from one person to another. Teaching students about the laying on of hands can be a valuable lesson in spiritual development, as well as a tool for promoting empathy, compassion, and connection.

The practice of laying on of hands involves the physical touch of a person’s body with the intention of facilitating healing and spiritual growth. This can be done by a spiritual leader, such as a priest, minister, or yogi, or by anyone who has received training in the practice. During a laying on of hands session, the person receiving the touch may experience a range of feelings, including warmth, tingling, and relaxation.

One of the first steps in teaching students about the laying on of hands is to introduce them to the concept of energy. Energy is a fundamental part of the practice, as it is believed to be the driving force behind healing and transformation. Students can learn about different types of energy, such as chi (from Chinese medicine) or prana (from yoga), and how they are believed to flow through the body.

Another important aspect of teaching about the laying on of hands is to stress the importance of intention. The laying on of hands is not simply a physical act, but a spiritual one, and the intention behind it is crucial. Students can learn about the ways in which intention affects energy, and how they can cultivate positive intentions in their own lives.

In addition to these foundational concepts, students can also learn about the specific techniques used in the laying on of hands. This may include breathwork, visualization, and chanting, as well as specific hand positions and movements. Students can practice these techniques in pairs or small groups, and reflect on the experience and how it made them feel.

Teaching about the laying on of hands can also be an opportunity to explore the role of spirituality in our lives. Students can explore the ways in which spirituality can promote healing and connection, and how it relates to their own beliefs and experiences. By sharing stories and experiences, students can deepen their understanding of this practice and its potential benefits.

Ultimately, teaching about the laying on of hands is about promoting empathy, compassion, and connection. By introducing students to this powerful spiritual practice, we can help them develop a deeper sense of interconnectedness with the world around them, and inspire them to become agents of healing and transformation in their own lives and in the world.

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