Teaching Students About the Story of Moses

When most people think of Moses, they might think of him leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt or leading them in the Exodus across the Red Sea. But Moses was more than just a simple figure in ancient history. He was a teacher, and he taught his students about one of the greatest stories in all of history- the story of Moses.

Moses was born in Egypt into a powerful family. But when he was just a young boy, he saw a man named Amram sacrifices an animal in a sacred ceremony. This shocked Moses, and he decided he didn’t want to be part of this powerful family. He left Egypt and traveled to the wilderness, where he spent 40 years learning from God.

One day, God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses complied, and the Israelites traveled through the desert for 40 years. But when they reached the Promised Land, Moses realized that he hadn’t been teaching the Israelites about God the way he should have.

Moses was eventually able to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land, but he was killed by the Pharaoh while trying to free the Israelites from slavery. But even though he died, Moses’ teachings have lived in the Bible. His teachings show us that God is always with us and that we can always trust Him.

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