Teaching Students About the Year of the First Super Bowl

As educators, it’s important to incorporate different aspects of history into our students’ curriculum. One such subject is the First Super Bowl, an iconic event in American sports history. In this article, we will explore ways to engage and educate students about the year of the First Super Bowl, held in 1967.

Connecting Football to History

Begin by providing a brief background on the early days of professional football and the merger between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL). Explain that this merger led to the creation of the Super Bowl as a way to determine a champion between the two leagues.

Emphasizing Historical Context

The year 1967 was filled with historical events that can be connected to the story of the first Super Bowl. Talk to students about major cultural and political happenings during that time, such as the Vietnam War, civil rights movements, or advancements in technology with space exploration. Connecting these events will help students see how football’s big game became intertwined with broader cultural changes.

Primary Sources

Utilize primary sources whenever possible to provide students with first-hand perspectives from those who experienced or participated in the event. Newspaper articles, documentaries, or testimonials from players and fans can be included as sources. The secret behind an effective lesson is providing a vivid picture of what it was like at that time.

Incorporating Artifacts

Showcasing artifacts related to football and sports during that era can spark curiosity and interest in your students while helping them develop critical thinking skills. Examples include photographs, sports memorabilia (such as jerseys or tickets), and other items reflecting the time period.

Class Activities

Encourage class activities and assignments revolving around discussing and debating key themes related to 1967 and its importance in football history. A timeline or visual presentation project could help students collaborate and further explore the connection between the First Super Bowl and historical events.


Teaching students about the year of the First Super Bowl can be an engaging and educational experience. By providing historical context, using primary sources, incorporating artifacts, conducting class activities, and leveraging related events from 1967, students will gain a deeper understanding of this exciting moment in sports history.

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