Teaching Students About Thomas Markle

Thomas Markle’s life as a controversial and unconventional figure in both the media and the British Royal Family has drawn significant interest worldwide. Given the constant coverage surrounding his relationship with his daughter, Meghan Markle (the Duchess of Sussex), coping with these topics as educators can be a challenging task. This article will therefore offer guidance on how to teach students about Thomas Markle, taking into consideration different perspectives and encouraging critical thinking.


As the father of Meghan Markle and former lighting director in the television industry, Thomas Markle lived a relatively normal life until his daughter became engaged to Prince Harry. With the couple’s exit from the Royal Family and subsequent interviews, he regularly found himself entangled in scandals and discussed in the press. Educators may use Thomas Markle’s story as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the impact of relationships and choices on one’s reputation.


1. Contextualize Thomas Markle’s background:

Begin by providing historical context about family roles within society and tradition—touch upon common narratives surrounding in-laws, public figures, and their respective families.

2. Address cultural differences:

Discuss cultural differences between American and British society, as well as difficulties faced by mixed-race couples in navigating these discrepancies. Thomas Markle serves as an example of how distinct values may contribute to conflicts in families with varying cultural backgrounds.

3. Encourage critical thinking skills:

Challenge students to question media representations of Thomas Markle by analyzing bias, reliability, and accuracy. By doing this, they’ll develop critical thinking skills that will help them discern credible sources of information.

4. Integrate ethical discussions:

Engage students in conversations about self-worth, public image, privacy rights, and family dynamics–using Thomas Markle’s narrative as a reference point.

5. Analyze consequences from various perspectives:

Instruct students to study the implications and consequences of Thomas Markle’s actions on both personal and public levels. This exercise will demonstrate the interconnectedness between individual decisions and their broader societal impact.

6. Use multimedia tools to foster engagement:

Utilize documentaries, interviews, and other accessible media sources for students to gain a comprehensive understanding of Thomas Markle’s story, as well as his relationship with the British Royal Family.

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