Teaching Students About Yellowstone: A Netflix Educational Experience


Yellowstone, the popular television series on Netflix, has garnered a devoted fanbase and brought the Yellowstone National Park into the spotlight. The show, while primarily about the drama surrounding the Dutton family’s ranch, offers an interesting opportunity to educate students about the real-life wonders of Yellowstone National Park. By weaving some of the show’s themes and setting into educational content, teachers can pique students’ interest in this extraordinary place.

Natural Wonders:

Yellowstone National Park is a treasure trove of natural wonders such as landscapes, wildlife, and geothermal features. Teachers can encourage students to watch episodes or clips from the Netflix series to observe these marvels first-hand. Educators can then dive deeper by discussing topics such as how geysers like Old Faithful operate or why bison are so important to Yellowstone’s ecosystem.

History and Culture:

Another important aspect to cover while teaching students about Yellowstone National Park is its rich history and cultural significance. The Netflix series occasionally touches upon Native American history in the area, which can serve as an entry point for discussions about indigenous tribes that originally inhabited and continue to reside around the park. Teachers can also incorporate discussions about early explorers and conservationists who documented and advocated for the park’s creation in 1872.

Environmental Issues:

Throughout Yellowstone, environmental conflicts are frequently showcased as part of the main narrative. This offers teachers an opportunity to engage students in discussions around wildlife conservation, land management, and sustainable tourism within national parks. By presenting real-life case studies from Yellowstone National Park tied to scenes from the series, students can gain greater insight into contemporary issues facing one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks.

Interdisciplinary Approaches:

The beauty of leveraging a popular television series like Yellowstone to teach students about different subjects is its interdisciplinary nature. Apart from topics directly related to the park, teachers can also use specific storylines from the series to spark discussions about law, family dynamics, ethics, and land development issues. In this way, students can be encouraged to see the complex web of relationships and challenges that surround both the fictitious world of Yellowstone Ranch and the real-world park.


Using Netflix’s Yellowstone as a springboard for learning about Yellowstone National Park can be an effective and engaging approach for students. From introducing them to the park’s natural wonders to sparking thought-provoking conversations about environmental and social issues, this strategy allows teachers to tap into a resource that students are likely already familiar with. As a result, both teachers and students can enjoy an educational experience that is as entertaining as it is informative.

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