Teaching Students to Generate Difficult Questions

This is a fun and engaging approach that taps into the class’s natural competitiveness. This approach takes little to no preparation and also costs nothing! This approach completely reinforces concepts taught over some time.

In “stump the expert,” you will tell the class that you will have them prepare three highly difficult questions for a panel of experts to answer.

This approach works best once learners have a grasp of the material and can develop higher-order thinking questions.

Once the learners have developed their questions, they will keep them and prepare to “stump the experts.”

The panel of learners can vary in size; use your discretion. You can pick the panel of learners, or they can self-select; whichever method is best suited for your class. Once this has been done, the play begins!

If the learner who asks the question can stump the expert, they must answer the question themselves.

If a learner is on the panel and can answer the question, they can get a “reward” if you see fit. This can be in the form of bonus points, candy, and so on.  Use a motivator that will work best with your learners.

If the learner answers the question correctly on the panel, they can determine whether to remain or return to their seat.

After a pre-determined time, it is best to have the panel switch, so others may have the opportunity to answer questions.

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