Teaching Students to Paraphrase

In this activity, learners are in pairs, and they are timed during class participation.

As the educator, you can make the pairings, have learners select their pairings, or assign them. The pairings are not what is important in this activity, but what is important is the timing.

In this activity, the timing has a purpose: to get the two learners to share their knowledge and participate in the class discussion.

Once the learners have been paired up, the learners need to determine who is “A” and “B.” The “A” learner is the learner who will answer the question, the prompt, the discussion. The “B” learner is the one who will have to paraphrase the information when the timer goes off.

In this activity, you have a participant orally discussing the topic at hand and listening to the topic at hand. The caveat is, the listener will then have to paraphrase what has just been said.

In this activity, both the learners need to pay attention and be active participants in the discussion.

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