Teaching Students to use Teamwork to Review Learning Material

This approach employs teamwork to review material.

This approach is excellent, too, since it does not take any planning or prep.

All that is needed is chart paper, and if that is not available, a large piece of construction paper.

In this approach, you will have learners break into an even number of only two groups.

Once this is done, the facilitator will write down one key concept on the opposing chart or construction papers.

For instance, the word Civil War would be put across the chart paper.

When that is done, the method of this approach is then like an acrostic poem.

Each member gets to have a turn at the chart paper, and each member has to fill out a letter in the word Civil War that they know a fact too.

The letters do not have to be done in order.

The group’s goal is to fill in each of the letters with information that has been learned.

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