Teaching Students to Use The Directed Reading Think Aloud Strategy

In this traditional approach, you will model the process of D.R.T.A., which stands for directed reading think aloud.

In this process, you will direct the class’ attention to certain aspects of the book that are critical to the comprehension of the material. At that point, you will model the process.

For instance, “on page 13, when the author writes, the trees are dead, and that is how I feel inside,” I get the feeling that the author is foreshadowing their own death.

By highlighting a key passage from a book, learners get to see that the language of the text is integral to the meaning that the reader gets from the text.

For learners to be successful, they have to have a multitude of strategies that they can employ. By seeing an educator model the D.R.T.A., they can see firsthand what good readers do.

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