Teaching Your Children How to Protest Responsibly, Part 2

In this 4-part series, we are discussing how parents can teach their children to protest responsibly. In Part 3, we will discuss how students joined the NFL protests.

How Have Students Joined the Protest?

Soon, these protests of racial injustice filtered down to students as well. Student-athletes began sitting or kneeling as the National Anthem played before games, and students as young as six remained seated during the morning Pledge of Allegiance.

Responses from school administrators varied. While some schools asserted their students’ right to protest, many others threatened or dealt out punishment.

Some schools released statements or passed policies requiring students to stand during the National Anthem. Student-athletes faced the loss of playing time or removal from the team. These decisions were often appealed and revoked, but some student protestors continued to face death threats, including threats to use students as “target practice” or to “lynch” them.

A student in Chicago alleged that a teacher attempted to physically pull him from his chair when he would not stand during the pledge, while another student had her participation grade lowered for choosing to sit. Still, more students claimed they were sent to the principal’s office or sent home from school.

Well that’s it for Part 2. In Part 3, we will discuss students legal right to protest.

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