Team Building Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that you can use for team building? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Auzmor Learn – Auzmor Learn is an intuitive, scalable cloud-based learning management platform. It allows users to create courses to develop team members’ performance and motivation. It also includes third-party courses that you can download for your team. Auzmor enables you to monitor team performance, find impedances to learning, and offer solutions to help your team keep on track.

Classcraft Turn the academic year into one big game season for your class using this online game. Every class activity can be adapted into the game to motivate students and their teams to give it their best. Students form teams consisting of warriors, mages, or healers; they earn rewards and level up in the game. Hence, development in this game has real-life implications for a student’s academics.

Cloverleaf – This is an AI-powered coaching and insight system designed to help team members deliver their best. Cloverleaf cross-maps personalities by using 16 types (MBTI), StrengthsFinder, VIA, Disc, TTi, and our own Culture Pulse survey. Using your knowledge of individual strengths and weaknesses, you can collaborate with the program to use the best combination for talent at your disposal.

Composica – This system integrates authoring freedom and flexibility.  It uses an HTML5-based authoring solution for interactive e-learning content and real-time collaboration. The system reduces development time by saving, cataloging, and reusing pieces of content from previous projects. It also allows teammates to see what everyone is working on, open tasks, review notes, post on the project’s wall, and group chat.

Crammut – In a world where e-learning is commonplace, this software helps to track all employees’ learning progress. Crammut helps you and your team create, keep track, and complete learning paths. It allows for a personal library, which encourages continuous learning.

 eChalk– A simple K-12 app platform used to guide and pass out information. It provides an enabling environment for users to have access to an all-in-one learning tool, encouraging teamwork in a professional level. Teachers can use this app to distribute information to parents and the community at large using email and a secured social network.

Learning Alive Plus by Alive Studios– Learning Alive Plus is a great way to learn reading and math at the same time. By combining Letter Alive Plus and Math Alive, your class can learn via fun reality characters. Students will learn through courage, punctuality, and teamwork in the three interactive stories provided.

Realtime Board – Realtime Board is an online whiteboard for visual team collaboration used by project managers, content creators, designers, app and web developers, marketers, consultants, strategists, creative agencies, and design thinkers all over the world to develop their ideas and projects. The app’s collaborating tools include real-time collaborative editing, comments, text chat, voice and video chat, screen sharing, and daily notifications. It also includes whiteboard tools such as sticky notes, freehand drawing, shapes, links, texts, and presentation mode.

Sisar Cams – Sisar Cams is a cloud-based comprehensive solution for managing administration and communication for your educational institution. This tool empowers management teams to collaborate efficiently with users; it involves teachers, parents, students, and administrators to integrate seamlessly within one cloud solution.  The system provides the digital contents and tools needed to engage students and parents. The attendance management module helps in digitizing the attendance and faculty leave management system.

Trello – Trello helps you collaborate on projects from beginning to end. It uses boards, lists, and cards to keep you organized. Cards can be filled with comments, attachments, due dates, and more. Trello can integrate with the apps already being used by your school, such as Calendar, Slack, and Google Drive. This app can be used by teacher teams, administration, or students—anyone that has a project can benefit from organizing it through Trello.

Trivie – Using adaptive learning and brain science, Trivie helps reduce the natural forgetting of information after any training event. Trivie’s adaptive learning platform measures and improves memory and retention so teams can reach their full potential. This app focuses on the how of learning, not just the what to help learners retain information longer and better.

ClassFlow– This is a cloud-based class planning software that allows you to manage your classroom. Create custom lessons and tests for your class or save time by selecting from the ready-made materials. Help your students learn cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills using the free students’ account feature. This software is available to students on their laptops or smartphone devices.

MURAL– Brainstorming is simple, easy, and fun with MURAL. The app allows multiple students or group members to work together to collaborate, share ideas, and determine solutions. It will help make thoughts concrete and visual, so they can be further evaluated. MURAL creates clean, concise, and design-oriented representations of a group of minds to help encourage creativity and motivation for work.

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