Tear Down Your Behavior Chart!

Looking to get rid of that old behavior chart that’s been collecting dust in your corner? Tear it down and start fresh with a new, more effective chart! Here are four reasons why you should consider tearing down your old chart and starting over:

1. It’s Outdated
Your old behavior chart may be outdated because the strategies that worked when it was first created may no longer be effective. For example, if you used a points system to monitor your child’s behavior, it may be time to switch to a system that measures actual behavior changes.

2. It’s Hard to Use
Your old behavior chart is also likely hard to use. If you have to track down every instance of your child’s misbehavior, it can be a hassle. Try using a visual chart instead, like one that uses pictures or symbols. This will make it easier to remember what your child should and shouldn’t do.

3. It’s Not Effective
Your old behavior chart may not be effective because it doesn’t take into account your child’s individual personality. For example, one child may respond better to rewards than another child does. If your old chart uses a points system that doesn’t take this into account, your child may not receive the rewards he or she deserves.

4. It Can Be a Waste of Time
Finally, if your old behavior chart is not effective, it may be a waste of your time to keep using it. Rather than tracking down every instance of your child’s misbehavior, try using a more effective system, like a visual chart. This will save you time and energy and help you better monitor your child’s behavior.

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