Ten Simple Strategies for Re-engaging Students

There are a number of strategies you can use to engage students in learning. Some of these are as follows:

1. Encourage students to take the time to ask questions. This will help them learn more about what is being taught and increase their understanding.

2. Make use of visual aids and diagrams when possible. This will help students to better understand the material being taught.

3. Make use of games and activities to keep students interested. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

4. Try to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. This will help students feel comfortable and engaged in the class.

5. Use feedback to help students improve their skills. This will help them to learn and grow as individuals.

6. Encourage students to share their ideas and thoughts. This will help create a communal environment and better understand the material.

7. Make use of social media to connect with students and encourage them to participate in class.

8. Make use of technology to help students stay engaged and learn more.

9. Keep a class schedule and make sure that it is regularly updated. This will help students to know what is expected of them and when.

10. Encourage students to ask questions and provide feedback. This will help to ensure that they are fully engaged in the class and learning.    

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