Terrorism Essay Topics

Terrorism Essay Questions

  1. Should the United States of America Use Drones to Combat Terrorism?
  2. How Do Terrorists Fund Their Acts of Terror?
  3. What Can We Learn from History about Terrorism?
  4. Why are Americans More Sympathetic to Western Terrorism?
  5. How Can the United States of America Improve Its Terrorism Defenses?
  6. Can the United States Prevent Future Domestic Terrorist Acts?
  7. What Impact Has Globalization Had on Terrorism?
  8. How Can Businesses Handle Terrorism?
  9. Can Democracy Prevent Terrorism?
  10. Should the United States Government Be Concerned about Cyber Terrorism?
  11. Why is Western Europe More Prone to Terrorism than America?
  12. Are Terrorism and Globalization Politically Related?
  13. What Motivates Terrorism and How Can it Be Avoided?
  14. Is Counter-Terrorism Legislation Affecting Muslim Communities?
  15. Is American Foreign Policy to Blame for Terrorism?
  16. Is the Media Promoting Terrorism?
  17. Does the Terrorism Act Violate Our Human Rights?
  18. What Threats Does International Terrorism Pose to Democracy?
  19. How Can the Digital Age Cause a New Kind of Terrorism?
  20. Whose Support is Important in the Event of Terrorism?
  21. How Does America Combat Terrorism?
  22. Does Higher Education Reduce Terrorist Support?
  23. Can Foreign Aid Reduce the Terrorist Threat to International Trade?
  24. Should Americans Be Concerned about Urban Terrorism?
  25. Is it Possible that Illegal Immigration will Lead to Terrorism?
  26. Is it Useful to Distinguish Domestic Terrorism from International Terrorism?
  27. Will the War on Terror Benefit the American Economy?
  28. When it Comes to Fighting Terrorism, are Some Rights Negotiable?
  29. Why Has Terrorism Become Such a Serious Problem in the Last 40 Years?
  30. Will Terrorism Lose Its Relevance?
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