Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Thank You For Birthday Wishes:

One of the most special parts of our birthdays is getting good wishes from the ones we love. These days it’s easier than ever to receive numerous exciting greetings, thanks to online platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Getting a greeting on our special day makes us feel special as well, but it’s also important to thank your friends for keeping you on their minds. We have put together a list of messages you can use as a response for birthday greetings.

Thank You For Birthday Wishes

You always impress me with your loving messages, thank you friend!

Thank you for making my day so special with your wishes. I will pray for you.

I will always cherish your sweet words, thanks for the good wishes.

Thank you for your blessings, I had a great birthday!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the wonderful wishes. Much love!

Thank you for celebrating this day with me, I wish you a pleasant day.

I can tell it took effort and time to create that message, thanks!

I want to thank everyone for these kind wishes on my birthday – I am so happy!

From all the messages I received I will value yours the most, it truly made me feel special. Thank you, best friend!

Everyone who celebrated my birthday: thank you from my heart. Each one of you.

Loads of love to you my friend, you gave me the sweetest greetings.

Your wishes were lovely and you came to my party, so my thanks for that, what about my gift haha?

Your gift was as valuable as is our friendship, I cannot tell you how much I love it.

The highlight of my celebrations was your kind wish, so thank you for making my day!

The significance of your wishes is a true blessing, and I thank God for giving your friendship to me.

The best memory from this year’s birthday is going to be your loving greeting. Thank you!

Thank you friend, for the greetings you sent me on Facebook, they were touching.

No need to buy me a gift, you can give the money to me directly haha, thank you for great wishes!

Thanks for participating on my birthday, the wishes you gave me really cheered me up!


Thank You Everyone For The Birthday Wishes

My thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and sent their greetings, I feel very loved.

My friends are the most special people in the world, biggest thank-yous to all of you!

Everyone, I am so lucky to have you in my life, your wishes meant the world to me on my birthday!

I never received as much attention and love as I did on my birthday this year, thank you!

Those who sent me greetings on Facebook on my birthday really made me appreciate our friendships.

Sorry if I haven’t responded to your wishes yet, there are so many from all my great friends.

Thank you, friends, for all the caring and supportive wishes you sent me for this birthday. I am amazed by the amount of wishes!

People celebrating my birthday alongside me, you get my special thanks for being by my side.

I could never find enough words to express how much your superb wished mean to me. Thanks a bunch for keeping our friendships going.

The best birthdays are full of amazing wishes from our closest friends, and I got so many wishes that made my day. Thank you!

Thanks for Birthday Wishes To Family

Thank you, my amazing relatives, for your kind wishes on this day. You mean so much to me.

Your kindness and care is what keeps our family so strong, thank you for celebrating with me!

Thank you for the prayers and love you sent me, it really made my special day one to remember.

All the attention and love you gave me truly made me feel as if I’m the most appreciated family member, thank you!

Thanks for Birthday Wishes To Best Friend

Thanks bestie, for so many great memories on this day. I really appreciate you keeping me in your thoughts.

The best gift you could give me is your friendship. It is so special. Many thanks for your wishes.

Your sweet words and actions made my day so amazing, thanks, my wonderful friend.

Your way of always remembering me on my b-day has always made think of you as the best friend I can have.

Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Everyone who sent their wishes today on Facebook truly made my day and made me enjoy the love.

In these busy days it’s truly notable that so many of you managed to wish a good celebration to me. Thank you for making my online life so enjoyable.

The wonder of technology – all my friends can find the time to send their wishes online and it makes me so grateful. Thank you so much!

So lucky today to receive your wishes online, it’s a joy to open my Facebook account and see new greetings. Thank you, my online fellas!

I cannot thank you enough for making me so happy on this day. So many good wishes will definitely make my whole year!

Nothing is as valuable as your time, and I thank you for using it to remember me on this day.

Thank You Text for Birthday Wishes

You’re one of my most valuable friends and I thank you for caring about me so much. Your kind words mean so much to me.

Your wishes are so inspirational and they really made my heart melt. My thanks come from deep within!

I can tell your words came from heart, and they went straight into mine. Thanks for the amazing wishes and being one of my most important friends.

Some people can move you with their words, some can move you with actions, you can do both! Thanks for these sweet wishes!

Compliments are easy to give to anyone, but it’s the hard truth that takes effort. I know you can be counted on, since you always let me know the truth, not just compliments. I love that about you! Thanks!

My new year of life will be awesome thanks to your sweet birthday wishes, I appreciate you for keeping me in your thoughts!

Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Huge thank-you’s to the friends who remembered my birthday in their minds, and plain thanks to the people who needed the help of a Facebook notification.

I will thank you for the kind and warm wishes, but I hope you also thank me, since I offered you the tasty birthday cake!

Thank you for the wishes. However you cannot eat a wish like you would eat a cake, so feel free to bring one of those as well!

Your wishes have proven that you don’t feel any jealousy towards me because of my age or wonderful personality. Thank you from the depths of my heart!

Think I understand what you’re trying to say here, but man, you really need to learn how to write a sentence. With love and many thanks.

Yesterday I was hoping you wouldn’t remember it’s my birthday today, so I wouldn’t have to throw a party, but no such luck! Thank you and keep up the good memory!

At first I planned on hiring a clown to make party guests laugh, but since clowns are expensive, I invited you for free! Thanks for the laughs and your good wishes!

You know you could have waited until the actual day, but I’m happy to see you’re so eager to remind me of your existence. I loved your kind wishes!

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gift

Thank you for the gift, even though I received multiple, it was the most memorable one of them all.

You really know me so well, because even I myself couldn’t have chosen a better gift. Hugest thank yous and I appreciate you so much!

Your marvelous gift really is one to enjoy for many many years to come, thank you for such a special personal choice!

You really have great taste when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones. Looks like you put a lot of thought into mine. Thank you!

God has blessed me on this day, because your gift is exactly what was missing from my life, and may He bless you in his infinite wisdom. Your friendship is priceless and so is your gift!

Not a single one of my friends was able to get such a creative and personalized gift, it made my celebrations so special. Thank you, my smart and generous friend.

The most unique gift I ever received, I received from you. You knew exactly what I needed, liked, and expected. No one has ever done that before. My hugest thanks from my heart!

From now on I will only call you the King of Gift-giving, because your choice of a gift made my party into a proper celebration! You’re really awesome for coming up with it!

It’s not easy to find a good gift for a high-expectations girl like myself haha, but you did it and I love it! Very glad to have you in my life.

My sweetest friend, you chose such a precious gift and it made me so happy. You’re amazing when it comes to gift giving. Thank you and keep on making great choices!

You may ask – what makes the memories of our birthdays special to us? It the fact that friends, relatives, and family members, who we may not talk to very often, find time to send us greetings. A birthday wouldn’t feel complete without them. A good and memorable greeting is hard to think of, especially when you are not a master of words, which makes it even more important to appreciate the messages we get. Never take a wish or a greeting for granted, since if you don’t express your gratitude to the sender, you may not receive another message next time. Keeping your loved ones feeling important is a major reason for sending a message to thank them.

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