Thanks to COVID-19, Family and Consumer Sciences May Finally Get The Respect It Deserves


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways no one could have anticipated. While numerous sectors and industries succumbed to the strain of shutdowns and closures, a sector less discussed managed to shine through the chaos: Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS). As an educational field that focuses on teaching practical life skills with primary emphasis on family health and well-being, it is now gaining recognition and appreciation due to the challenges that the pandemic presents for households worldwide.

The Importance of Family and Consumer Sciences:

Family and Consumer Sciences as a discipline encompasses essential areas such as nutrition, meal planning, personal finance, clothing care, home management, child development, and mental health. These subjects are imperative in empowering individuals to make informed decisions in their everyday lives. Additionally, it is now becoming more evident that these skills are crucial to maintain physical and emotional health during uncertain times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why COVID-19 Has Brought A Spotlight onto FCS:

1. Increased Focus on Home Life: With the majority of people staying at home due to lockdowns and remote work policies, families have had to adapt to new routines and lifestyles. This transition has highlighted the importance of homemaking abilities in maintaining smooth operations within family units. It has also revealed untapped potential in developing robust self-care routines.

2. Financial Management: The global economy took a significant hit due to COVID-19, leading many individuals to tighten their belts financially. FCS plays a critical role in equipping people with knowledge and skills required for effective budgeting, saving, and managing expenses during periods of economic uncertainty.

3. Cooking Skills: Eating out became less feasible amid restaurant closures; therefore, home cooking became a natural alternative for many families. Cooking skills taught in FCS ensure both affordability and nutritional value when preparing meals in-house.

4. Mental Health and Adaptability: The pandemic exacted a considerable toll on mental health, with increased rates of anxiety and depression worldwide. FCS emphasizes self-care practices and coping strategies to improve mental wellness, which has proven all the more critical in these trying times.

The Future of Family and Consumer Sciences:

With its resurgence in the spotlight, FCS has the opportunity to improve curriculum offerings in schools and bring focus to essential skills vital in navigating this new normal. This growing appreciation for the field presents an excellent opportunity for collaboration between educators, policymakers, and other professionals in order to enhance FCS education.


The COVID-19 crisis underscores the need for practical skills taught within Family and Consumer Sciences education. As families adjust their approaches to finances, home management, cooking, and dealing with mental health challenges, FCS equips them with the tools necessary to succeed. This heightened awareness creates a momentous occasion for the discipline to demonstrate its relevance, seize newfound recognition, and garner more widespread respect in the long run.

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