The 10 Best Education Leadership & Education Policy Conferences of 2019

Education leaders know that they have to stay on top of current research and trends to remain effective in their roles. That’s why they look for the best education and education policy conferences each year.

Your commitment to innovation and excellence is time well spent when you meet with leaders and policymakers to collaborate on timely issues facing today’s schools.

Try these top conferences in 2019:

1. AIEA 2019 Annual Conference

Higher education leaders and administrators attend this conference to discuss emerging ideas and network with international colleagues and discuss innovative strategies in leadership.

January 20-23, 2019/San Francisco, CA (Registration: $550)

2. 2019 AASA Conference

Superintendents and education leaders attend the School Superintendents Association conference to hear thought leaders and innovators as they present current research and cutting-edge practices in education. This conference provides senior leadership with multiple opportunities to connect with peers and learn about new trends in school leadership.

February 14-16, 2019/Los Angeles, CA (Registration: TBD)

3. SXSWEdu

When you combine the intensity of a conference with the spirit of a festival, you get SXSWEdu. Attendees converge on the musical capital of the world to immerse themselves in research, innovation, and networking opportunities to effect educational transformation back home. You won’t want to miss out on the synergy this event offers.

March 4-7, 2019/Austin, TX (Registration: $395)

4. ASCD Empower19 

Education leaders attend the Association for the Supervision of Curriculum Development to meet with other influencers and leaders in education. This convergence is a huge conference with sessions that encompass curriculum, instruction, and leadership at all levels.

March 16-18, 2019/Chicago, IL

5. 2019 ISN National Conference on Educational Innovation

The national conference on educational innovation brings together creative thinkers and innovative leaders to explore issues and trends in education. The focus is on finding collaborative solutions.

April 10-12, 2019/Wisonsin Dells, WI (Registration: $475)

6. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 63rd Annual Conference

This year’s conference theme is Education for Sustainability, which will explore the long-term impact of educational policies and their consequences.

April 14-18, 2019/San Francisco, CA (Registration: TBD)


The SETDA Leadership Summit & Education Forum focuses on emerging technology leadership. Leaders for more than forty states attend this annual conference to learn about advocacy and action in educational technology.

June 21-24, 2019/Philadelphia, PA (Registration: TBD)

8. 2019 NAESP Pre-K-8 Principals Conference

Elementary and middle school principals alike come together for this conference so they can discuss best practices and uncover innovative solutions for pressing problems in education.

July 10-12, 2019/Spokane, WA (Registration: $475)

9. 2019 NASSP Conference

Principals and educational leaders from around the country come to this annual conference to discover innovative solutions to pressing school problems, gain new knowledge, and network with peers.

July 18-20, 2019/Boston, MA (Registration: TBD)

10. New Schools Summit

This exclusive conference by invitation only, but if you get invited, go. Over 1,000 education leaders and policy makers convene at the annual New Schools Summit to share ideas and spark innovation in educational leadership.

Dates and times TBD

Take time from your busy schedule to get yourself a seat at some of these top conferences in leadership and education policy. The experience will be well worth your investment.




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