The 13 Best True Crime Podcasts of 2023


As enthusiasts of true crime stories, podcasts have become an essential and gripping source of content for millions of listeners worldwide. With a vast number of shows to choose from, here’s our curated list of the top 13 true crime podcasts for you to indulge in during 2023.

1. Serial: This classic true crime podcast, hosted by Sarah Koenig, delves deep into intriguing criminal cases to uncover hidden truths and question the justice system.

2. My Favorite Murder: Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark share gripping true crime stories with a dash of humor. Their unique storytelling style keeps listeners captivated till the end.

3. Casefile: This thrilling podcast features in-depth looks into crimes from around the world, engaging listeners with its thorough research and impeccable narration.

4. Criminal: Phoebe Judge hosts this riveting show that explores diverse crime stories, blending captivating interviews with immersive sound design.

5. Sword and Scale: Hosted by Mike Boudet, this daring podcast delves into the darker side of humanity, engaging audiences through engaging narratives and expert interviews.

6. The Teacher’s Pet: Journalist Hedley Thomas takes a deep dive into a cold case involving a missing wife and mother, leading him on an incredible journey that uncovers shocking secrets.

7. Cold: In this chilling series, reporter Dave Cawley unravels the twisted story behind the disappearance of Susan Powell, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for justice.

8. Accused: Host Amber Hunt investigates unsolved cases in this exciting podcast, searching for answers while spotlighting the flaws within our legal system.

9. Someone Knows Something: Filmmaker David Ridgen dives into cold cases to give families closure while keeping listeners engrossed through his empathetic storytelling approach.

10. Up and Vanished: Documentary filmmaker Payne Lindsey tackles unsolved disappearances in this thrilling podcast, inspiring armchair sleuths and fueling suspenseful storytelling.

11. Bear Brook: Host Jason Moon illuminates the mystery surrounding unidentified bodies discovered in a New Hampshire state park and the journey to uncover their stories.

12. The Clearing: Hosted by investigative journalist, Josh Dean, this gripping series delves into the harrowing tale of April Balascio, who discovered that her father was a prolific serial killer.

13. Dark Air: Terry Carnation, played by Rainn Wilson, examines bizarre true crime tales with a unique blend of humor and intrigue, entertaining audiences with unusual insights into investigations.


These top 13 true crime podcasts of 2023 provide hours of enthralling stories and investigations for listeners to explore. Whether you’re an avid fan or new to this captivating genre, there’s something intriguing for everyone in this diverse selection of shows.

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