The 5 Keys to Successful Comprehensive Assessment in Action

Comprehensive assessment in action is a process that begins with understanding the needs of the student and the goals of the school. The assessment team will then design an assessment to meet those needs. The assessment will be tailored to the students in the school and the goals of the school. The assessment process will include data collection, data analysis, and reporting.
Comprehensive assessment in action can be summed up with five key points.

Comprehensive assessment is an investment in student success. Having a plan will help you stay organized and know what you are working on at all times.

Comprehensive assessment should be aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Comprehensive assessment is an opportunity for educators to measure student progress. So it is important to back up the data carefully for future reference.

It is important to know which areas to focus on first and to set deadlines for completing each assessment. So set the priorities.

Teachers must have the necessary training and support to conduct comprehensive assessments. Without proper training, the students might find it difficult to understand the teacher’s perspective on why the assessment is being conducted.

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