The 8 Back-to-School Emotions All Teachers Will Recognize

As summer comes to an end and schools start coming back in session, teachers everywhere experience a whirlwind of emotions. These emotions are familiar to educators who experience them year after year. Here are the top 8 back-to-school emotions that all teachers will recognize.

1. Anticipation: As the weeks draw closer to the start of school, teachers’ anticipation grows. They wonder, “What will my classroom look like? Who will be in my classes? How can I make this school year better than before?” This energizing feeling fuels their preparation both mentally and physically.

2. Nostalgia: Glancing at yearbooks, class photos, or previous projects often evokes nostalgic feelings in teachers as they reminisce about past students and experiences. Sharing fond memories with colleagues can add to this sense of nostalgia, setting the stage for another great school year.

3. Excitement: The excitement of starting afresh with a new group of students is undeniable. Eagerness to try out new lesson plans and activities and another chance to positively influence young minds lends itself to the excitement a teacher feels during this time.

4. Apprehension: Every teacher has their own unique teaching style, but as curriculum standards change and expectations rise, it’s natural to feel apprehensive about meeting these new requirements. Some may worry about successfully incorporating technology into their classrooms or meeting the diverse needs of their students.

5. Overwhelm: With so much preparation needed for a new school year – from lesson planning to organizing supplies – it’s easy for teachers to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do. Balancing personal and professional responsibilities only serves to heighten this sense of overwhelm.

6. Determination: Despite any feelings of stress throughout the preparation process, most teachers possess a strong sense of determination that enables them to persevere and continue striving towards success for their students and themselves.

7. Camaraderie: Reconnecting with teaching colleagues who were missed over the summer break often provides a sense of camaraderie and belonging in the back-to-school season. Support from fellow educators is crucial for navigating the challenges together throughout the year.

8. Joy: Finally, the satisfying feeling of joy accompanies the start of a new school year, as teachers get to know their new students and witness the growth and development in every classroom. This joy ultimately makes all the other emotions worthwhile.
As teachers across the globe navigate through these different emotions during the back-to-school period, they are reminded that they’re not alone in this journey and can rely on each other for support, inspiration, and encouragement.

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