The 9 Types of People Ruining Your School Email


It’s no secret that college and school email inboxes can be filled with an overwhelming amount of messages. While some emails are important, others can be a frustrating waste of time. There are certain culprits who seem to consistently make your life harder by clogging up your inbox. In this article, we will discuss the nine types of people responsible for ruining your school email experience.

1. The Chain Email Enthusiast

Never short on enthusiasm, the Chain Email Enthusiast is responsible for forwarding far-fetched stories and potential viruses disguised in promises of good luck or true love. Despite their good intentions, this person’s messages serve little purpose beyond cluttering up your inbox.

2. The Class Over-Sharer

Although their emails may have started out as friendly reminders about assignments or projects, the Class Over-Sharer quickly devolves into an unfiltered stream of consciousness. Their lack of filter results in lengthy conversations about existentialism and weekend plans reaching your already-bursting inbox.

3. The Party Promoter

Whether it’s a club or fraternity event, the Party Promoter fills your email with invitations you inevitably delete or ignore. Despite how little interest you show, they are relentless in their pursuit to convince you to attend their next social gathering.

4. The Misdirected Inquiry

No matter how hard they try to get it right, the Misdirected Inquiry always seems to send their important question or comment to the wrong person – usually you. Your inbox pays the price as they apologize, try again, and still miss their target recipient.

5. The Spam Artist

The Spam Artist is a mysterious figure who somehow evades email security measures, sending their unwanted ads to every student on campus. From fake job offers to phony apartment rentals, this spammer preys on unsuspecting inboxes everywhere.

6. The Desperate Group Project Member

This person only emails when they desperately need something. With deadlines looming, the Desperate Group Project Member sends out frantic, last-minute messages begging for assistance or trying to delegate tasks at the eleventh hour.

7. The Campus Activist

While passionate about their cause, the Campus Activist’s constant petitions and event invitations can wear thin after a while. Their sheer volume of emails requesting your time and attention can feel exhausting and, sadly, often counterproductive to their cause.

8. The Overbearing Advisor

They’re supposed to guide you through your academic journey, but somehow it feels like they’re everywhere: in your inbox with assignment reminders, reminders to make an appointment, and excessive check-ins. It gets hard to feel autonomous when the Overbearing Advisor dominates your school email.

9. The Unsubscribable Club

Don’t remember signing up for that obscure club freshman year? Too bad; you’re on their email list forever. No matter how many times you request to be removed or unsubscribe, the Unsubscribable Club continues to haunt your inbox.


We’ve all encountered these nine types of people during our time in school. Though it may be frustrating to sift through their messages on a daily basis, it’s always important to remember that an organized inbox is just a few clicks away. So delete those unnecessary emails, add some filters, and conquer your school email once and for all!

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