The A-Z of Education Blogs: The Letters TE

In this multi-part series, we are profiling the best of the best blogs in education, in alphabetical order. In the previous article, I introduced letters S-TC and in this one, I will discuss the letter TE.

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From online teaching tips, to the latest research on the effectiveness of homework assignments, this blog is an incredible resource for any teacher. The topics are varied and relevant. Teach is actually a blog owned and operated by 2U Inc, which enables leading colleges and universities to deliver their high-quality degree programs online. However, the blogs are often geared towards teachers teaching K-12.

Score: Activity 20, Originality 18, Helpfulness 18, Authority 21

Total Score: 77

Twitter: NA

Email: [email protected]

Teach Like a Champion

According to themselves Teach Like a Champion provides educators with a set of techniques, a shared vocabulary, and a framework for practice that equip teachers to achieve dramatic results with their students. The blog, on the other hand, contain blogs that are both personal and revealing, showing how the educators come to the conclusions they do. A worthwhile blog to read if you want to be part of revolutionizing education.

Score: Activity 21, Originality 21, Helpfulness 21, Authority 21

Total Score: 84

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @Doug_Lemov

Teacher Cast

Here you will find tutorials, news and tips related to teaching. Recent topics include learning to create auto grading quizzes using Google Forms and the top 10 classroom management tips for teachers. It’s nice to see it’s not just about the tech space.

Score: Activity 22, Originality 20.5, Helpfulness 21, Authority 22

Total Score: 85.5

Twitter: @TeacherCast

Teacher Tech

A certified Google trainer, Alice Keeler will help you keep up with Google’s constant expansions. She’s exceptionally skilled in the use of Google Classroom.

Score: Activity 24, Originality 23, Helpfulness 23.5, Authority 24

Total Score: 94.5

Twitter: @alicekeeler

Te@cher Toolkit

It’s been called the most influential blog on education in the UK and given it manages to top some of the lists in the US too, that might just be true. It is written by Ross Morrison McGill who has been teaching since he was 18 and the topics covered vary from talking about teachers’ fear of looking foolish to using comedy to improve literacy. Whilst topics concerning educational policy in the UK might not be of interest to you, the majority of posts are as relevant in the US as they are in the UK.

Score: Activity 24, Originality 21, Helpfulness 21, Authority 24

Total Score: 90

Twitter: @TeacherToolkit

Teacher Tube

This is a blog sharing instructional videos covering just about any and every subject. A great resource for any teacher looking to incorporate videos in the classroom. Some videos offer higher quality than others, so it’s a matter of finding the ones that work for you.

Score: Activity 21, Originality 24, Helpfulness 24, Authority 21.5

Total Score: 90.5

Twitter: @teachertube

Teaching Blog Addict

If you like getting freebies (every Friday); lesson plans, printouts and the likes, then Teaching Blog Addict can help. What’s more, it links up an astounding amount of bloggers that blog about teaching, so whether you’re looking for kindergarten or first grade inspiration for teaching you will find it here. However, the blog is somewhat confusing with links going off in all directions.

Score: Activity 17.9, Originality 17, Helpfulness 18, Authority 18

Total Score: 70.9

Teaching for the Whole Story

This is a relatively new blog on Education Week by Ariel Sacks who is a is a middle school language arts teacher and instructional-support coach. She blogs about various elements of teaching, mainly related to reading in the classroom. Covering interesting and useful topics, it’s a blog well worth reading.

Score: 19, Originality 17, Helpfulness 18, Authority 19

Total Score: 73

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @arielsacks

Teaching NOW

Teaching NOW is crafted by Education Week Teacher Assistant Editor Madeline Will. The apt description on the blog reads: “Coverage runs the gamut from the inspirational to the infuriating, from practical classroom tips to raging policy debates.” The blog does cover various very interesting topics.

Score: Activity 20, Originality 19, Helpfulness 21, Authority 20.5

Total Score: 80.5

Twitter: @EdWeekTeacher

Teaching With Technology

Bethany Petty shares tips and ideas that she learned from the trenches of her own “flipped, blended and gamified classroom.” Posts range from the philosophical (global collaboration) to the practical (creating “view only” folders in Google Drive).

Score: Activity 21, Originality 19, Helpfulness 17, Authority 14.5

Total Score: 71.5

Twitter: @BethanyPetty


This blog focuses on using innovative teaching methods to change the face of education. Blog posts have topics such as teaching empathy in the classroom, how to use inquiry based learning, four things project based learning teachers should do, etc. They also cover a range of edtech topics; one of their contributors is Victoria Olson an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Education Trainer.

Score: Activity 25, Originality 22, Helpfulness 23.5, Authority 25

Total Score: 95.5

Twitter: @TeachThoughtPD

Tech & Learning

As the name suggests this blog focuses on EdTech. It covers news related to edtech as well as more practical guides for implementation. The site is a bit overwhelming given all the content. However, they do offer a K-12 Blueprint which will give you tools for implementing technology and innovative learning techniques in the classroom. These tools and techniques come with research to back them up, which is very helpful.

Score: Activity 25, Originality 21.5, Helpfulness 21.5, Authority 24

Total Score: 91.5

Twitter: @techlearning/@k12blueprint

Well, that’s it for letters TE. Did we miss any?

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