The Advantages and Limitations of Homeschooling

The idea of homeschooling is not altogether new. It has become an increasing trend since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the academic year 2020 – 2021, most parents consider it an alternative to regular schooling.

To avoid spreading the virus, several educational options have been offered by the school districts. Attending schools with masks, studying online, or delaying the academic year are some viable solutions. Facing this type of “school choice,” parents wonder whether they must take the reigns into their hands.

If you think on the same lines, you should be aware of homeschooling advantages and limitations before you embark on it. We have collected some information from parents who have experience in the field. It may help you to make the right choice for your children.



The timing can be adjusted to suit your kid’s needs. Even the sequence of the lessons can be altered. They can be taught when you and your kid are ready for it.


You are free to choose the entire teaching and learning experience. That means you can travel, teach religious principles, and include whichever subjects you like, such as science, sewing, or sailing, in the curriculum. Practical skills, traditional trades, volunteering, and artistic pursuits can all be included in homeschooling.

Personalized Education

Every child is unique. In homeschooling, the teaching style and the lessons can be tailored according to each child’s needs and interests. For example, suppose your son is interested in outer space. In that case, you can include a lesson on astronomy or if he is having trouble comprehending fractions, give him some extra time to understand them.

Strong Relationships

You have the opportunity to spend more time with your children and develop closer bonds. Positive learning experiences during the teaching and learning process, fun-filled field trips, or a visit to the park during “recess” builds stronger relationships between the parents and children; it also enhances the bonds between siblings.

Minimum Restrictions Related to COVID-19

The physical barriers imposed due to COVID-19 can be very challenging for kids. Homeschooling grants them freedom from masks and other restrictions related to the pandemic.


Too Much Work

Now you are not only a parent but a teacher, too. So you have to do the housework and also run a school. Deciding the curriculum, the lessons according to the children’s needs, keeping them occupied, and grading their academic performance involves a lot of effort and time.

Not Enough Time for Personal Needs

You may not have enough time left to look after your personal needs or do your favorite exercises.

Excessive Interaction

Spending too much time with your kids may make them feel confined, and you may get frustrated.

Not Able to go to work

Homeschooling may take up all your time, and you may not be in a position to pursue a job and earn an income.

Confronting Bias and Judgement

There may be some people who are not in favor of homeschooling. They may mock you.

Missing Some Opportunities

You may not be able to provide all the educational facilities at home. Your child may miss the opportunity to socialize with others.


At present, when the whole world is exploring the homeschooling option, it is advisable to consider the pros and cons of this educational process. You can discuss this with your spouse and especially with your kids, and arrive at the right decision.

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