The Art of Teaching Students About Go Ara


The world of cinema and entertainment has a myriad of talented people. Among these, some have left an indelible mark on the industry with their exceptional body of work. Go Ara is one such actress, who has gained immense popularity due to her powerful performances in films and television. It is essential to teach students about the various facets of Go Ara’s life and acting career to inspire them to pursue their dreams in the entertainment world.

Introducing Go Ara: The Early Years

Go Ara was born in Seoul, South Korea, on February 11th, 1990. She entered the glamour world at a tender age when she won the SM Entertainment Teen Model Contest. Her victory marked the beginning of her career as a model and an actress under the renowned talent management company SM Entertainment.

Teaching about her acting career

Students should be made aware of Go Ara’s versatile acting prowess which has allowed her to portray diverse roles on both television and film. Some noteworthy series featuring Go are:

1. Sharp 1 (2003) – This was her debut drama series where she played the role of a smart high school student.

2. Reply 1994 (2013) – Known as one of Go Ara’s standout roles, she played Sung Na-Jung, a volleyball fan in search of love during her college years.

3. Hwarang (2016) – This historical drama showcased Go as Aro, a skilled physician who becomes entwined in a palace conflict.

4. Black (2017) – Here, she took on a detective role in search of truth about death cases amid supernatural phenomena.

5. Haechi (2019) – In this historical legal drama, she played a strong-willed detective determined to protect justice.

Discussing her movie appearances will further enhance students’ understanding of her capabilities as an actress:

1. Dance, Subaru! (2009) – Here, she played a ballerina on a quest to achieve her dreams.

2. Papa (2012) – Go portrayed a manager of a talent agency in this comedy-drama film.

Values and lessons learned from Go Ara’s acting journey

While teaching students about Go Ara, it is important to discuss the perseverance and dedication she has shown throughout her career. Her continuous strive for improvement and experimentation with diverse roles can act as an inspiration for students.

Moreover, discussing her philanthropic activities, such as being an ambassador for the 11th Animal Film Festival in Suncheon or donating to nonprofit organizations, can illustrate the importance of giving back to society.


Teaching students about Go Ara broadens their understanding of the entertainment industry and exposes them to a versatile and philanthropic actress. It inspires young minds to follow their dreams and work diligently while caring for the community around them. By sharing Go Ara’s life, achievements, and challenges with students, they are encouraged to view their aspirations with determination and a sense of responsibility to leave a lasting impact on society.

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