The Authentic Leadership Collection: Master Your Leadership Presence

There is no one definitive answer to becoming a leadership presence. But there are a few things that every leader can do to improve their presence and help their team work better.

First, be genuine.

Leaders who are true to themselves and their beliefs will be more inspiring to their team. Be honest and open with your team and let them know what your values and goals are. This will help them trust you and rely on your guidance.

Second, be clear.

When you’re speaking, be concise and to the point to help your team understand what you want and need from them. Make sure you use specific words and phrases so that everyone can understand.

Third, be decisive.

When making decisions, be firm and have a clear vision for what you want to achieve. This will help your team know that you are capable of leading them to success.

Fourth, be positive.

Leaders who are positive and upbeat encourage their team to be their best. They promote a positive environment and help foster teamwork.

Fifth, be open to feedback.

Leaders who are open to feedback learn from their mistakes and improve their leadership presence. When you are receptive to feedback, your team will be more likely to offer it to you.

Finally, be persistent.

Leaders who are persistent are able to keep up with the changes and challenges that come with their position. They are also able to stay true to their goals and values.

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