The Best Activities for 2-Year-Olds

Are you looking for activities for your 2-year-old? Well, we got you covered. Check out our list of the best articles for 2-year-olds.

Make Art Out of Trash

Create colorful art using leftovers. Got different colors of scraps of paper and other odds and ends from other 2-year-old crafts? These are perfect for creating a wonderfully abstract masterpiece!

Play with Erupting Rainbow Chalk Paint

Sidewalk chalk is always a fun outdoor activity for children. Let them create colorful designs and pictures. Then add a bit of science. Let them have a spray bottle of vinegar to watch their creations puff up!

Color Learning Activities For 2-Year-Olds

Make a color wheel by painting every section of a pie chart a color. Then pick out toys and trinkets that are the same color. Once you have a basket of goodies, permit your child to put each item in its corresponding color. This is a cool way to learn the colors, even on a rainy day.

Make Rainbow Kites

These rainbow hand kites are an awesome way to learn and appreciate colors! Your kid will be enthralled by the colorful ribbons that dance and flow with each movement differently.

Invent a Color Wheel Game

Sorting is something that teaches children patterns, helps them to learn how to differentiate, and is *fun* for little children! The best part is that toddlers have multiple ideas for learning colors, so these activities for 2-year-olds never get dull and are so much fun.

Make Rainbow Healthy Gummies

Help your children eat all the colors of the rainbow – these gummy snacks for children are fun to make and tasty for picky kids. Your 2-year-old will never know they’re eating fruits and veggies; they taste so good.

Let’s Play Color And Word Games For 2-Year-Olds

Jump through the shapes and colors with a DIY hopscotch-like mat. Your kid must follow the path across the mat by following the identical color or the same shape. Looking for fun activities to do at home to teach your toddler words?

Paintsicles are Fun

Make finger painting exciting by freezing paint in ice cubes for a colorful project. Do single colors, mix colors, add glitter, and make it unique. Either way, your 2-year-old will get to make a neat art project and work on their fine motor skills. It is a win-win.

Painting With Cookie Molds

Fork Painted Fish

Get creative with paint. Check out this forked fish. The drawing is so neat and makes the fish look like it has scales. Mix colors, make zig-zags, and stagger the strokes; these fish are your canvas!

Children Face Painting is Cool

Face painting is something that my son loves. The first thing they do is draw on themselves. Use non-toxic markers and add things like napkins and a couple other items you will need.

Sensory Paint Play is a Big Hit

Explore textures! Paint on cool surfaces, like bubble wrap with your children. You can add textures like pebbles and beads! Paint in a bin, on the skin; it is fun and makes finger painting more exciting.

Play in a Rainbow Sensory Tub

Pasta is cool to play with in a sensory tub. Dye it and add element shapes for kids to have fun digging, sorting, and touching. Add in rings and plastic coins for even more textures. Add cups for the children to shake the noodles and trinkets around.

Process Art is Cool

Children love big canvases. Keep one or two around the house for your children to paint whenever desired. Let them spray the paint, mix it, and use rollers and brushes to create a giant, beautiful piece of art.

Rainbow Finger Bath Paint

If you don’t like a mess, maybe the bathtub will be a better place for your children to explore color mixing. These paints are safe for children and your bathtub, and the cool part is that while they’re learning their colors, you won’t need to scrub the paint off chairs and the floor.

Make a Confetti Collage Out of Paper

Give your children a hole punch and colorful sheets of paper. Your kid has a blast creating confetti and crafting with the bits afterward. Use a paintbrush and glue and sprinkle the confetti on top to create a rainbow masterpiece.

Stacking Cups for Gross Motor Play

Two-year-olds have fun rolling, stacking cups, and pretending to eat. Add beans and let them scoop and pour. Tell them to shake them all around to make cool sounds. Concerned they’ll put a bean in their mouth? Use Fruity Pebbles instead of any round cereal like Coco Puffs or Cheerios for their toddler game.

Creative Activities For Toddlers

Rice is a fun sensory table addition. It’s cheap and easy to find, and children love the texture falling through their fingers. Add wooden spoons and tiny cups, hide treasure in the rice and let them pour the rice through a funnel.

Arts And Crafts For 2-Year-Olds

Create Make Homemade Story Stones

Story-telling is a great way to help kids develop language patterns and learn to sequence events. Make your story stones using pictures of bugs, aliens, toys, and automobiles. Place them all in a basket, and then let them pick one at a time to continue the story.

Play Concentration Game and Learn Focus

Play a  game of concentration with your child. Put three items up and remove one item. Have your child which object was removed. It is a good way to work on problem-solving, refine your child’s memory, and teach them to pay attention.

Playdough Kabobs are Fun to Make

Make Kabobs of play dough. Form beads and thread them. A good way for children to explore texture and motor control. It will teach your kid about colors, and they can count each playdough ball.

Play in a Mud Pie Kitchen

Mudpies!! It’s a quintessential children’s activity – make a mini-outdoor kitchen for your children to cook and create in. Grab a wooden crate and add a bowl, a whisk, spoons, pans, and a kettle full of water.

Colored Cloud Dough Play

Cloud dough is so soft and squishy that they will play with it for hours. Plus, it is made from many things you may already have at home. It is a fun sensory craft for 2-year-olds. Let them build, squish, and smash this dough.


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