The Best Cities in the U.S. for Teachers

It is no secret that teachers in the United States have long felt underappreciated and undervalued for the thousands of hours they dedicate to the education of our youth. Thankfully, there are still several cities and states that provide educators with the opportunity to earn a decent salary while saving a significant amount of their paychecks.

The states that offer the highest salaries for teachers include New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, California, and New Jersey. However, a higher salary does not necessarily mean a higher quality of living. For example, in states with a high cost of living, such as California, teachers can spend 41% of their salary on rent. Many teachers live with roommates, family, or commute over 2 hours to save on living expenses while earning $50,000 to $70,000 a year.

We have gathered a list of several of the best cities in America for teachers. Keep in mind, this list is based largely on the average beginning and experienced teacher’s salary, as well as the average cost of living. If you are searching for a city where rent makes up a low percentage of your annual spending, you will find our top 5 choices below.

Pittsburgh, PA: Pennsylvania actually ranks in the top ten US states for teachers. With a one-bedroom apartment renting for an average of $1,207 a month and an average salary of $53,490, teachers in Pittsburgh can get away with spending a mere 27% of their annual income of living expenses.

Little Rock, AR: Little Rock may not have been on your list of top ten cities to live in, but this city provides a great opportunity for teachers to save their salary. Even though teachers in Little Rock are making $40,890 a year, they are also able to find a nice one-bedroom apartment for $750/month, which is well below the average for most metropolitan areas.

Phoenix, AZ: Overall job growth in Phoenix is expected to be strong over the next two years, and this extends to growth in education. The average teacher’s salary in Phoenix is $42,567, and the average rent is $1,200. These conditions plus the relatively low competition for teaching jobs, make Phoenix an excellent option for both beginning and experienced educators.

Omaha, NE: Nebraska is another state that ranks in the top ten best for teachers. While Omaha is another city that may not have crossed your mind, it boasts an average salary of $77,000 for experienced teachers and a starting salary of $40,320. You can easily find a nice apartment to rent for under $1,000 a month in Omaha. And, to top it off, Nebraska is known for its positive academic work environments. These statistics make Omaha a great option for teachers.

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta teachers earn a salary 13% higher than the national average for teachers. With a median rental price of $1,437 and an average salary of $56,075, teachers in Atlanta can live comfortably. There are plenty of private and public schools to choose from in Atlanta, and you can enjoy living in a major US city without living paycheck to paycheck.

In recent history, mainly suburban and rural areas have provided the best value for teachers living on a budget. If you are a teacher that is still searching for a major US city to live and work in without spending your whole salary on rent, one of these 5 cities may be the best fit for you.

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