The Best Education News Resources

Whether you are an educator, administrator, advocate, work in policy, or the hundreds of other education adjacent positions, you need to stay updated on the developments in the education sector. We have compiled a list of the best resources to make sure you know about important policy changes, government appointments, and current news.

“Chalkbeat is a nonprofit news organization committed to covering one of America’s most important stories: the effort to improve schools for all children, especially those who have historically lacked access to quality education. We are mission-driven, in that we believe that every child deserves an excellent education and that a strong press is vital to making that happen. Yet we are also fiercely independent, in that we do not take a position on the best path for achieving equity.”

Chalkbeat is a unique education news source because while they focus on big ideas and the larger trends and issues in education, they report on these trends through the lens of local education environments. They have reporters currently located in Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, Indiana, Newark, New York, and Tennessee.

Education Week

Education Week provides new on all 50 states and their education systems. You can click on a state to view the most recent news and policy debates that are affecting that state’s communities.

Inside Higher Ed

“Inside Higher Ed is the leading digital media company serving the higher education space. Since our founding in 2004, we have become the go-to online source for higher education news, thought leadership, careers, and resources. Our mission is to serve all of higher education – individuals, institutions, corporations and non-profits – so they can do their jobs better, transforming their lives and those of the students they serve.”

Inside Higher Ed also publishes data and reports in addition to their coverage of higher education. Their reports are extremely insightful. Their most recent report covers best practices to diversify graduate schools and faculty.


“EdSurge provides independent news and resources to help readers understand the role of technology in education.”

Edsurge covers issues and advancements in education and technology. They provide product reviews, event coverage, news, and job postings.


“Eduwonk is a blog written by Andrew J. Rotherham, Co-founder, and Partner at Bellwether Education Partners. Occasional guest bloggers will also contribute, and the author(s) of these posts will be clearly identified. The blog focuses mostly on education policy and politics.”

The Eduwonk blog features entertaining and insightful posts concerning recent education news and debates. Its content is a mix of humor, news, and opinion pieces. Readers enjoy the clarity the blog brings to confusing and complex education topics. This is a resource you could check multiple time a day to find new posts and information.

We have also compiled a list of local education news in larger cities:

New York City: The New York Times, New York School Talk

Washington, DC: The Washington Post

Boston: CBS Boston

Denver: A+ Colorado

Chicago: WBEZ

These resources can supplement the coverage you already receive on education. Whether you are looking for local news, news on education technology, or want to hear how policies are impacting local communities, these resources will keep you informed.

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