The Best Family Attractions in Montana

Are you planning a trip with your family to the magnificent state of Montana?

Well, we’re incredibly envious!

We’ve personally experienced how amazing a family vacation in Montana can be.

There are several notable attractions.

But creating the ideal itinerary can be challenging with so much to see and do.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of our top family-friendly activities in Montana.

  1. West Glacier Scenic Raft Trip in Glacier National Park

What You’ll Go Through

There are some excellent family motels in West Glacier, so it’s feasible for you and your family to stay here.

If so, we think you should take this beautiful boat trip through the mountain valleys of Glacier National Park.

The guides ensure you have a great time on their rafts and know a lot about the history and culture of the area.

Suitable Ages

The minimum age varies depending on the season and the weather, but if your child weighs less than 50 pounds, the ride will be too choppy regardless of the weather.

  1. Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies


What You’ll Go Through

The MOR is a top choice for families with curious kids because it is one of the world’s premier research and history museums.

Everyone enjoys their magnificent regional and natural history exhibits.

To enhance the overall museum experience, they also regularly arrange family events.

And this is unquestionably one of our favorite indoor activities for kids.

Suitable Ages

The Museum of the Rockies welcomes families with children of all ages to visit and learn about the natural world.

  1. Kalispell-based Montana Air Adventures


What You’ll Go Through

Even the best family vacations would be lacking without taking in Montana’s natural splendor from above.

You can choose to fly over places like the Chinese Wall, the Mission and Swan Mountains, Glacier National Park, and more with Mountain Air Adventures.

Taking a flight with an expert pilot who knows precisely how to show you the best airborne vistas is simply the best way to get good photos.

Suitable Ages

The age range for this breathtaking journey is two and up.

  1. West Glacier Morning Nature Walk in Glacier National Park


What You’ll Go Through

Montana has a lot of hiking options, from peaceful strolls along a flat road to brutally hard alpine trips.

Families who prefer easy hikes should consider taking this tour because it is one of the more laid-back hikes available.

Hikers with experienced guides will learn many interesting things about the area.

The best offer is that if you’re staying at a West Glacier hotel or one of its fantastic family resorts, hotel pick-up and drop-off are provided.

Suitable Ages

Families with children ages four and older are advised to take this hike.

  1. Whitefish’s City Beach


What You’ll Go Through

Unbelievable as it may seem, Montana offers some fantastic beaches.

In our opinion, Whitefish City Beach is one of Montana’s top family beaches.

This beach is a sure bet if you’re looking for family-friendly destinations nearby.

Play in the crystal-clear water and relax on the sandy shore while soaking up some sun.

Then, on the second floor of the visitor center, head to Burly’s by Sweet Peaks for a delectable snack.

Suitable Ages

There are no age restrictions on having fun in the sun at this beach!

  1. Absarokee: Horseback Riding


What You’ll Go Through

Choose between a one-or two-hour ride and a full day of equine-assisted wilderness exploration in Montana.

Numerous local animals, such as foxes, deer, elk, moose, and more, are frequently seen on this adventure.

You can feel secure knowing that Paintbrush Adventures’ skilled horseback riders have covered you.

Suitable Ages

Children aged 12 and older are the best candidates for this trail ride.

  1. Billings’ ZooMontana


What You’ll Go Through

ZooMontana is more than just an animal sanctuary.

They also have an arboretum and a zoological garden of international renown.

This collection of more than 80 animals from 56 species is ideal for nature lovers.

We consider it one of our favorite family-friendly destinations because of the tranquil setting, friendly staff, and low entry fee.

Suitable Ages

All family members are invited, young and old alike.

  1. West Yellowstone Full Day Tour of Yellowstone Park


What You’ll Learn This full-day trip through Yellowstone National Park includes several beautiful stops, including Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon Waterfalls.

Additionally, visitors on this tour frequently see wildlife like wolves, bison, elk, eagles, and even grizzly bears.

Your knowledgeable guide will even pick you up from your West Yellowstone hotel, and breakfast and lunch are included!

Suitable Ages

Families with kids aged six and older will benefit significantly from taking this tour.

  1. Great Falls Children’s Museum of Montana


What You’ll Go Through

If you’re looking for toddler-friendly activities in Montana, discover why this fantastic interactive children’s museum is one of our favorite family-friendly attractions.

The Children’s Museum of Montana’s main objective is to inspire and kindle a passion for learning through various outstanding, hands-on exhibits and cost-free kid’s activities that your eager children will devour.

Suitable Ages

The younger, the better, is our motto at our child nirvana!

  1. Dillon’s Bannack State Park


What You’ll Go Through

Families travel worldwide to visit Bannack State Park because it offers such a unique experience.

If you and your group want to travel back in time, this is the best place to do it because this mining town has been around since 1862.

Visitors discover the historical significance of this rough mining village fascinatingly and interestingly with the help of more than 60 real structures to tour and a ton of informational guides.

Suitable Ages

Families with children of all ages will love this unusual site.

  1. West Glacier’s Apgar Lookout Trail


What You’ll Go Through

Climb Apgar Mountain to see Lake McDonald, which is a long way down below. The view is stunning.

A picnic should be held near the observation tower at the summit.

Hikers can get a close-up view of the Montana wilderness along the way.

Nothing, in our opinion, compares to taking a hike up this well-traveled trail while enjoying some fresh air!

Suitable Ages

The best candidates for this hike are teens and their youthful parents because it can be taxing on the legs.

  1. West Glacier Half-Day Fly-Fishing Trip in Glacier National Park


What You’ll Go Through

One of the most appealing family attractions in Montana is fly fishing.

This tour makes finding the ideal fishing spot and the lucky fly much simpler.

You’ll undoubtedly catch the fish of a lifetime.

So, if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in Montana, look no further.

Get the family out to the river for some great fishing.

Suitable Ages

Families with children ages four and up should take advantage of the half-day fishing trip to its fullest potential.

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