The Best Family Attractions in Oklahoma

In terms of family entertainment, Oklahoma is unmatched.

Oklahoma is full of things to do that everyone will enjoy, from well-known zoos to hands-on educational museums that kids will love.

Waves of new locations keep adding to an already impressive list of family-friendly places to visit.

And guess what, everyone?

By showing you the best family-friendly things to do in Oklahoma, we’re helping you plan a trip you’ll never forget.

  1. Zoo in Oklahoma City — Oklahoma

What You’ll go through

Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo to start your family’s vacation in OKC off right.

This wildlife haven is an abode to over 2,000 animals worldwide, including majestic lions and playful primates.

You and your children will have many opportunities to learn more about these animals as you and they explore the zoo.

The zoo also has several interesting exhibits and things to do, like aquatics shows, the Great EscAPE, the elephant habitat, and the Cat Forest.

Did we also mention that it is close to some of Oklahoma’s top family hotels?

Suitable Ages

Kids of all ages will enjoy and learn at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

  1. Enid’s Leonardo’s Children’s Museum

What You’ll Go Through

Who says that learning and play cannot coexist?

The Leonardo Children’s Museum is great for kids to have fun and learn important lessons about science and art.

The museum has many learning-focused exhibits that kids can play with.

They are capable of flying a space shuttle, creating sculptures, and exploring a rainforest.

They can go outside and participate in Adventure Quest once they have mastered the science and the arts.

Suitable Ages

Parents frequently list the museum as one of the best things to do in Oklahoma with young children (toddlers and children up to 12 years old).

  1. Ardmore’s Lake Murray State Park

What You’ll Go Through

For a good reason, Lake Murray State Park is often called one of the best places for families to stay in Oklahoma.

The largest state park in Oklahoma, with more than 12,500 acres to explore, is packed with activities for the whole family.

At this park, your family can spend their vacation days participating in inexpensive and cost-free kid-friendly activities like biking, boating, camping, and water sports.

Surprisingly, this park also includes a golf course and an area for motorcycles or ATVs.

Suitable Ages

All ages of visitors can enjoy the activities at Lake Murray State Park.

  1. Jenks’s Oklahoma Aquarium

What You’ll Go Through

The Oklahoma Aquarium is bursting with enjoyable activities for the whole group.

As you pass through the area’s renowned underwater tunnel, some giant bull sharks in captivity can be seen.

You can also feed the alligators and otters there and learn about the different kinds of jellyfish.

In the aquarium’s interactive displays, you can touch stingrays and sea anemones.

Just remember to check the feeding schedule before visiting the aquarium.

Suitable Ages

For children ages three and older, we suggest the Oklahoma Aquarium.

  1. Checotah — Lake Eufaula

What You’ll Go Through:

Since Oklahoma is landlocked, it’s uncommon to think of beaches when thinking of vacation destinations.

Guess what, though?

The state has numerous lakes with sandy beaches and warm summers.

Lake Eufaula is the ideal destination for a beach getaway in Oklahoma.

With more than 500 miles of coastline, it has some of Oklahoma’s top family beaches.

Family-friendly activities abound at the lake, including swimming, disc golf, and playgrounds.

In addition, Eufaula Cove Park is among several great family resorts in the area.

Suitable Ages

Kids of all ages will enjoy Lake Eufaula’s thrilling attractions and entertaining locales.

  1. Tulsa’s Safari Joe’s H2O

What You’ll Go Through

The absence of Safari Joe’s H2O from a list of the top family-friendly attractions in Oklahoma is a must.

This lively park has a lot of fun water rides and activities that are perfect for kids and teens.

In fact, it is the only location in Oklahoma with a water roller coaster.

Additionally, there is a wave pool and incredible 4-story slides.

If you’re taking a trip with little ones, consider the Little Splash, suitable for kids 48 inches tall or shorter.

Suitable Ages

At Safari Joe’s H2O, something is terrific for kids of all ages.

  1. Tuttle’s Tiger Safari Inc.

What You’ll Go Through

One of our absolute favorite family-friendly destinations in Oklahoma is Tiger Safari.

On a guided tour of this walk-through wildlife sanctuary, families can get up close and personal with various adorable animals.

In addition, Tiger Safari occasionally hosts birthday celebrations and special events.

Because of this, there are many ways to enjoy this unique interactive zoological park.

Suitable Ages

Kids of all ages can enjoy a fantastic and distinctive experience at Tiger Safari.

  1. The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History in Norman

What You’ll Go Through

As soon as you walk into this museum, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken to a different place and time.

Spend time here taking in the breathtaking remains of Oklahoma’s illustrious geological past.

Additionally, you might find anything from natural wonders to Paleozoic treasures.

The interactive Discovery Room and the enormous Pentaceratops skull are sure to delight children.

Kids will have many opportunities to learn about the evolution of dinosaurs while exploring the impressive exhibits.

Suitable Ages

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum is fun and educational for kids over six.

  1. Norman’s Toy & Action Figure Museum

What You’ll Go Through

The Toy & Action Figure Museum is a great place to start if you’re looking for outstanding family-friendly attractions close to you.

Believe me when I say this museum is breathtaking, with over 10,000 artifacts and pop culture icons lining every wall.

Children can also play with action figures in a hands-on area.

While you’re there, take a look at the collections of Oklahoma cartoonists and World War II veterans.

Suitable Ages

The Toy & Action Figure Museum is suitable for kids aged six and older.

  1. Stillwater, Oklahoma Wondertorium

The more than 10,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits at the Oklahoma Wondertorium will keep kids busy for hours.

This kid’s wonderland has things like playgrounds and a “Little Wonders” zone that will make them curious and help them get creative.

The My Medical Center and the Forest Playground are two of our favorite features at this location.

Suitable Ages

The Oklahoma Wondertorium is best suited for kids under the age of 12.

  1. Clinton’sWater-Zoo Indoor Water Park

What You’ll Go Through

Looking for fun things to do with the kids in Oklahoma when it’s raining?

Visit the Water-Zoo Clinton Indoor Water Park as a favor to yourself.

This indoor waterpark, which is always open, offers 28,000 square feet of splashy aquatic fun.

Experience the Tornado Bowl’s turns and twists if you’re feeling daring.

If you’re not in the mood for high-octane excitement, simply laze around on the lazy river.

Kids might get soaked by buckets in the interim at the multi-level playground.

Suitable Ages

All ages are welcome at the family-friendly Water-Zoo Clinton Indoor Water Park.

  1. Theme Park: Frontier City in Oklahoma City

What You’ll Go Through

In Oklahoma, Frontier City offers some of the most amazing family-friendly activities.

Your family will have a blast at Frontier City, whether they prefer thrilling coasters or standard amusement park rides.

This theme park will keep your group entertained and enthralled for the day with its more than 40 attractions and rides.

Some rides are suitable for kids, like the famous Ferris Wheel and the old-fashioned carousel.

Suitable Ages

All ages of visitors can enjoy the activities and attractions at Frontier City Theme Park.

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