The Best TV Picture Settings for Every Major Brand


Gone are the days when television sets were just simple boxes with only a few channels and basic picture settings. Nowadays, we are blessed with advanced technology and a wide range of options to enhance our viewing experience. In this article, we will provide you with the best TV picture settings for every major brand to optimize your screen for movies, gaming, and general usage.


For an immersive viewing experience on your Samsung TV, consider using the following picture settings:

1. Picture Mode: Movie

2. Backlight: 15

3. Contrast: 95

4. Brightness: 45

5. Color: 50

6. Tint: G50/R50

7. Sharpness: 0

8. Color Space Settings: Custom

9. White Balance

– R Gain (Red Gain): -5 to +10

– G Gain (Green Gain): -5 to +15

10. Auto Motion Plus: Custom (Blur Reduction: 10, Judder Reduction: 0)


Sony TVs offer superior color rendition and contrast levels. To achieve the best picture quality on a Sony TV, use the following settings:

1. Picture Mode: Cinema Pro (Dark room)

2. Brightness/Backlight: 40 (General use), 30 (Movies), and Max (HDR content)

3. Contrast: Max or 90

4. Gamma: -2

5. Color Temperature: Expert 1

6. Live Color setting: Off

7. Sharpness: 0 or 50


LG has always been known for its vibrant colors and crisp image quality. Optimize your LG TV with these picture settings:

1. Picture mode: ISF Expert (Dark Room) or Cinema mode.

2. OLED Light setting:

– SDR content: 50-60

– HDR content: 80-100

3. Brightness: 50

4. Contrast: 85

5. Sharpness: 0

6. Color Gamut: Auto

7. Color Temperature: Warm2


For a balanced and refined viewing experience on your Panasonic TV, consider using the following picture settings:

1. Picture Mode: THX Cinema (Dark room)

2. Backlight/Brightness: Min (for movies), Mid (for Gaming), and Max (HDR content)

3. Contrast: Max or 90

4. Color Temperature: Warm2 (6500K)

5. Sharpness: 0

6. Noise Reduction settings (both): Off


To fine-tune your Vizio TV for an impressive display, use these picture settings:
1. Picture Mode: Calibrated Dark mode for dark rooms and Calibrated mode for bright


2. Backlight setting:

– SDR content: 40-60

– HDR content: Max

3. Brightness/Contrast ratio: 50/50

4. Color Temperature in RGB Mode

– R Gain (Red Gain): -5 to +10

– G Gain (Green Gain): –5 to +15

5. Sharpness scale: 0 to 30


With these recommended settings for each major TV brand, you will be able to enhance your TV’s picture quality for a breathtaking viewing experience tailored to your environment and preferences. Remember that every room has different lighting conditions, so don’t hesitate to make adjustments according to the specific characteristics of your space.
Happy viewing!

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